Zig Ziglar On Setting Goals

Zig Ziglar On Setting Goals: Personal development is a passion of mine and has been for some time now. Many people I meet on a daily basis have no idea where they’re going, or what they are doing. Unfortunately from a very young age we have been programmed to just sit by and accept life as it is. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if everything was structured to benefit us, but that simply is not the case. We must define our goals. We must work on ourselves daily. We must accept nothing less than what we dream about, and most importantly, we must direct our lives down the path less traveled. Zig Ziglar is an inspiration to millions across the globe (including myself) and for a lot of these people, dreams never seemed like they could be achieved. Zig changed that for me many years ago. I wouldn’t be here writing this post and sharing the¬†following¬†videos without people like Zig Ziglar. Anyway, I hope you take value away from these inspirational videos here today. Success can be achieved with the correct mindset. Actually, i question whether or not success can be achieved without the correct mindset. Have a great day. To your success. Declan O Flaherty

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