You Have The Power To Change Your Life

Everything we do in life, every decision we make and every action we take, is solely determined by the thoughts we think from one moment to the next. Our motivation to keep going when times get tough is ONLY determined by our mindset. People do NOT give up on success because of lack of skills. People do NOT give up on their dreams because they cannot achieve them. People give up because they haven’t sustained enough motivation to get back up when they get knocked down. Everyone is capable of achieving success, it’s just a matter of finding that motivation to keep on keeping on.

Never give up on yourself. Never give up on your dreams. Work harder on yourself than you do on anything else and you will find that drive to keep moving forward. Failure is nothing more than a limited mindset created by a doubtful mind. Never let another person tell you cannot achieve your dreams, and most importantly, when times get tough, remember that you are more than strong enough, you are more than capable enough, and NOTHING has the power to stop you moving forward unless you give up that power. The only time you give up the power to succeed is to convince yourself you have no power to begin with.  Be your strongest right at the point when you feel you can do no more, for that is when the tide will turn in your favor.

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