You Are Defined By Your Rituals

income strategies You Are Defined By Your Rituals – What are they? So, what are your rituals? If you have none – I can almost guarantee you’re struggling to create any momentum in your business. It really is as straight forward as that. All successful people create them. Even a semi-successful marketer like me… Here’s mine: 1) Drink a pint glass of water when I wake up, and take a 10 minute stroll around the park/field/whatever. Benefit: hydrated body – clear mind – focus 2) Define my top priorities for the day. Nothing business related gets done until my priority tasks are completed. Benefit: Momentum – Compounding – Results 3) Exercise 7 days a week. Not 6, or 4 – but 7. I don’t go mad. I’m not a health freak, but I know from experience that exercise is a great productivity builder. Benefit: Energy boost – Motivation – Productivity 4) Meditate & Gratitude. Too airy fairy for you? I bloody well hope not. I put every single bit of success in my life down to practicing both of these. Nothing gives me more motivation to achieve success than connecting with my inner self and being grateful for the blessings I already have in my life. Benefit: Confidence – Motivation – Creativity 5) Reflection & Planning: I actually do this twice – once in the evening, and then again before I go to bed. The evening reflection is more focused on my business, and at night I reflect on how the day went. Benefits: Clarity – Creativity – Improvements If I add up how much time the above 5 rituals take me to complete each day – we’re talking 2 hours, tops. Create your rituals and productivity will go through the roof. Have a belter of a day. “You Will Never Outperform Your Own Self Image”

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2 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    There is a lot of wisdom in what you say Declan, these rituals are methods of focusing the great laser beam of our minds, you can’t expect to produce good work if you are sloppy and undisciplined-and as you say prey to the ‘gremlin’ inner voice of self destruction! All the great ‘doers’ have these rituals-people like authors and successful business folks-if you want to attain great things, you must be focused. Great stuff!

    • nalced says:

      Very true mate. It can get chaotic without discipline, especially online with so many distractions. Isn’t it so easy to get lost without focus? You’re spot on about all successful people having rituals. Too many people are not paying attention to what they’re doing from one moment to the next. I used to get out of bed, have breakfast and sit down at the computer to get some work done. I very rarely was being productive enough and it was simply because I had not prepared my mind and body to be energized and focused. I don’t know how many wasted hours I spent online being super busy, but not getting anything worthwhile done.

      Practicing The right rituals can seriously increase productivity – not to mention the added benefit of feeling refreshed and being in a much more creative state.

      Thanks for stopping by Michael, always a pleasure mate.

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