Try Something New For 30 Days

Try Something New For 30 Days: Ahh, the power of compounding. It truly is a miraculous thing. If you think i’m being over dramatic, think again. One of the most misunderstood concepts that nearly all people fail to realize, is that every action taken today, creates the reality we live in tomorrow. The accumulation of hundreds, even thousands of small actions have a HUGE effect on our lives. The problem is though, we are most often not even aware of these little actions we take, and the power they have over our lives. Making one small change in your diet today, for example, will have no immediate effect on your life, but, over time, the accumulation of this one tiny change will have a dramatic effect over a sustained period.

So, small changes can have big effects over time, but what about one big change over a shorter period, let’s say, one month? In this short video by Google’s Matt Cutts, he shares his insights on how powerful taking up a 30 day productivity challenge can have on our lives. The idea is simple, pick one task that you would like to master, or change in your life, and then set a 30 day challenge to do that one thing every single day.

Personally, I set 30 day challenges every month. They have been responsible for the biggest changes in my personal and professional life. It can be difficult to make positive changes in our business and personal life because we fail to be consistent with our actions. With the 30 day challenge, you have  set timeframe to focus on and this keeps our mind steady as we set out to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves. Anyway, enough of myself waffling on, enjoy this video and start to implement the 30 day challenge into your life as s soon as possible. You won’t regret it. There’s something powerful about this concept and it truly does work very well indeed.

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