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secret to productivity


What I’m showing you here is so stupidly simple at first glance – you may very well pass over it without much thought. But, I can guarantee you productivity, organization and progress will be made if you just try it out for a couple of days. There’s a lot more to this simple strategy than meets the eye.


The Goal For This Post:

To help you get better organized and get stuff done.


The Actual System:

Get a whiteboard, or whatever else you can find to write on – and list down 6 categories.

Like so…

Personal Category

Reading Category

Writing Category

Content Category

Traffic Category

Education Category


If you think of any activity or task you have to complete to take your business to the next level, you’ll find it can easily slot into any of the above categories. It sounds very simplistic – and it is at that. But don’t hit the back button without hearing me out. Even in its simplicity, this has proved very powerful for me since I started to implement it.


Here’s how you would structure this…

Personal Category:

You put anything outside of your business into this category. If you have to go to the gym, meet a friend, attend your child’s play (see what I did there) go for a walk, meet the parents (again) or even if you meditate for example, they all go into this category. Groundbreaking stuff eh?

Reading Category:

Whether it’s a blog post, a traffic strategy, research, or just a book related to your business – they go into this category.

Writing Category:

If you do email marketing you obviously have to write messages to send to your list. If you’re blogging you need to write articles for your website – and if you write guest posts – they get put into this category.

Content Category:

Anything from creating a video for YouTube to working on a report, or a new eBook, goes in here.

Traffic Category:

This should be the most important category on your list. Anything from social media direct marketing, right on up to paid advertising and the likes of forum posting will go into this category. Although guest posting for example can be thought of as a traffic generation strategy, the results are not immediate, therefore you keep that task for the “writing’ category.

Education Category:

Procrastination and Information overload stem from using this category too much. But now, you only use it for specific tasks. For instance, if you have a webinar to attend, or a marketing video to watch – they get placed into this category.


Note: You MUST place at least “one” task into each category the night before – and you MUST complete each one the next day. The order at which you approach each task is entirely up to yourself. This is a lot more powerful than just writing a list of “things to do” on a whiteboard (piece of paper – whatever) than you may think. This way of organizing your “to do” list forces your mind to dump out a wider scope of ideas to work on.


Here’s How I Set Mine Up For Today:

Personal Category:

Go for a run.


Make Dentists appointment

Organize office.


Traffic Category:

Place banner advertisement

5 comments on bookmarked blogs

10 Forum posts

Place website link on 5 selected fan pages


Writing Category:

Write blog post (this one)

Write autoresponder message


Reading Category:

Read 3 bookmarked blog posts

Read Scientific Advertising eBook (1 hour)


Content Category:

Spend 1 hour on new book

Create new sales page


Education Category:

Watch Tony Robbins “Business Mastery Course”

Reflect on today & schedule for tomorrow


Total time = 7 – 8 hours


Every part of my business, from generating leads, creating content, branding and education is covered within the above schedule. Over a short amount of time I have seen my online business grow in every area, where as before, everything I did was one sided and only certain aspects of my business where getting attention.

Each day there will be different tasks to do in each category. I believe if you follow a similar approach like the one above your productivity will massively Increase over time due to the compound effect. Even if you decide to put small tasks into each category, your productivity will still be compounded over time and results will definitely show.

I find Information overload becomes less of a problem with a system like this – and you never neglect any part of your business as a result. Try it.

Have a great day.

declan o flaherty

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