Taking Action, Compounding And Being Super Productive

how to be super productive

how to be super productive

There’s no “new” information in this business – just variations of the same, re-framed to make them look unique.


Let me ask you this…


If you were presented with the perfect solution to the pain points you experience every time you sit down at your computer screen, would you even notice it? I’d argue that you probably wouldn’t.

You most likely already know how to make money online, right? You “have” absorbed a lot of content related to your interests. You’ve came across at least dozens of ways to make money online.

Where they not good enough? Did they not suit your skill set? Where they too time consuming to put into practice? …? …? …? …? …? …? …?

Seriously think about it. Why don’t more people pick one solid marketing strategy and focus solely on that until they start seeing results?

It’s simple. They’re waiting for the perfect one to just fall into their lap. But, it has already fallen into their lap, many times over. I mean, if there truly aren’t any new concepts and methodologies (which there aren’t) then it just stands to reason you’ve already been presented with the perfect strategy; it has just been presented in a new way. Yes? Or, maybe there is no perfect strategy – and yours must evolve from implementing an old and proven one. hmmm…


I’ll give you an example:


Take my last report “Strategic Profits Blueprint” Forget about the step by step implementation of what the book shares. Instead let’s summarize the book in 6 steps…

1) Find a niche where people are spending money

2)  Set up a squeeze page to capture leads & write a 10 page quality report to give away as a freebie/bribe

3) Set up a “one time offer” page where people are directed to after they opt in & write 3 more quality reports to sell for $7 so you can build a buyers list

4) Set up a series of autoresponder messages that deliver valuable content and super targeted promotions

5) Drive traffic to your squeeze page via paid (solo ads, ppc, FaceBook ads etc) or free (forum marketing, guest posts, youtube etc)

That’s it. The funny thing about the above system is that it is being used by almost every successful internet marketer out there in one variation or another. It’s a solid proven method to making money.

Most people know this, right? So why do most people fail in this business if they have already been presented with this information? Again, this is nothing new. You don’t have to follow along step by step, and most likely you will deviate from the blueprint to incorporate your own ideas and concepts into the mix, which takes us back to the very first point I made “there’s no new information – just variations of the same”

In my last post I said that “Productivity” is the most important skill you have to master if you want to succeed, and in my humble opinion, this proves it. The reason people are failing even though they have been presented with the information to succeed – is because they’re just not productive enough.

They keep searching, studying and analyzing – but rarely get going with some real work. It’s comfortable to just study because it gives us the illusion we’re actually doing something productive, yes? But at the end of the day it’s the action takers that sell stuff.


Study to Action Ratio:


No doubt what most people do is study 10 times more than they take action. It’s not hard to see this being played out in this business to be honest. They study for 10 hours and take 1 hour of action.

I reckon the number is prob’ly much higher than this. Maybe a ratio of 16 to 1 is more accurate. This becomes a habit over time. Just like anything else in life, habits are easily formed and very hard to break.

The biggest problem with the “study to action” ratio is that most marketers are not fully conscious of how detrimental it is to their success, or lack thereof.


What To Do About It:


Next time you pick up a report, or watch a training video, I want you to stop as soon as you come across one piece of content that resonates with you – and take some action with it. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Form this habit and you’ll see your productivity go through the roof. Ignore it and see where you are in another 6 months. Most likely you’ll be still searching for the perfect strategy.

Maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll be a massive success in 6 months, but it damn well isn’t going to happen until you take more action and spend less time learning.

You have to simply stop consuming information that you have no intention of using. Look at it this way…

How many times have you been reading a report and came across a great little tip that struck a chord with you? Now, how many times have you put the report away and actually implemented that little tip, immediately? Prob’ly never, right?

That’s the key here. As soon as you stumble across a neat little strategy that you know you could use, just stop everything you’re doing and go do something with that information. Even if it’s only 10 minutes work, just do it.

I have always found that it’s much harder to start than it is to stop. Form the habit of taking action with every little nugget of information you know you could be using. Make this your goal.


Let’s Get Down To Brass Tax:


Your study to action ratio should be more in line with “1 hour study to 10 hours action.” That of course seems very high, but is exactly what successful people do. They find or create an idea – and immediately put it into action. They iron out the details as they go. There’s time for planning – but our most valuable lessons come from the experience whilst in the thick of it.

All you have to start with is a “1 to 1″ ratio. 1 hour study – 1 hour action” – and after a while you’ll get into the habit of taking some form of action with every piece of quality content that resonates with you. And by the way, when you take consistent action your results will massively grow far, far, far (yes 3) more substantially over time than you could even possibly imagine. It’s called “Compounding” and it’s a very powerful concept.

You want success? This will undoubtedly lead to that. In future, when absorbing content, immediately act on the first quality bit of information you come across.

That’s it. Do it and get into the habit of always doing it. Most will pass over this as being too simplistic, or they do what they’ve always done, which is listen to that little gremlin inside their mind that’s always keeping them comfortable, studying…

Hence the reason why the failure rate is so high in this industry.

Have a productive day.

Declan O’ Flaherty

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  1. Nice post. Gives a different perspective on productivity and making money online.

    • nalced says:

      Glad you liked it, Shaun. Thanks for stopping by mate.

      All the best.

  2. Hi Declan,
    We love this site and all your productivity / marketing no bullshit tips! Have a great day by design.

    • nalced says:

      Thank you Robert.

      Really great to hear you’re getting benefit out of the content mate.

      Always a pleasure my friend.

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