Take A Cold Shower For 30 Days

Hey – Declan here, No idea who uttered this phrase.. “If you’re not comfortable being uncomfortable – you’re stagnating” For the past 16 years I’ve been a personal development junkie – and in that time I’ve learned a thing or two about the “trickster mind.” You see, our mind knows our greatest fears – and it loves nothing more than to play with us, like a cat plays with a ball of string… …and that mind of yours wants nothing more than to drum up excuses every time you venture into the world of the unknown. As soon as you try something new, the trickster dips into the reservoir of fears and doubts and presents 101 reasons to step back into your comfort zone. Trust me on this one – that’s how the mind works. Today I want to give you a possible solution to overcoming your doubts and fears which are most likely keeping you comfortably stagnating. So, if you want to feel the fear and do it anyway – if you want to be comfortable being uncomfortable – if you want to silence the doubts and push forward regardless – all you have to do is… …take a freezing cold shower every morning for the next 30 days. Think about this… — There’s nothing more uncomfortable than taking a cold shower (believe me, it’s as uncomfortable as hell) — Your mind will give you dozens of reasons NOT to do it, even before you turn the water on — As soon as the cold water hits your skin, you will immediately be presented with a choice, to either stay in the shower, or get the hell out as quickly as possible Now think about this… You MUST get comfortable being uncomfortable – and taking a cold shower every morning for 30 days will definitely test your resolve at being very uncomfortable. Your mind will do everything in its power to stop you taking a cold shower, even before you turn the water on. Ignoring the excuses to not take a cold shower will teach you to ignore the excuses it drums up for any other things you feel uncomfortable doing in the future. All excuses are the same regardless of the situation. It will be very easy to not do this. When that cold water hits your skin, you’re natural instinct will be to get out immediately. This is where you’re actually CHOOSING to stay in the shower and feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable indeed. It never gets easier. I thought that after a dozen or so cold showers my body would get used to the cold, but it didn’t. This is actually a good thing because at least I know that I’m making a conscious decision every morning to do something that I know won’t get any easier. It’s the whole point of being comfortable being uncomfortable. Will this transform your Internet marketing career? Absolutely, providing you persist with it. Not only will you feel energized immediately after a 5 minute shower, you’ll be training yourself to ignore the inner critic that keeps so many of us stuck inside our comfort zone. You’ll be much more comfortable taking on tasks that initially you’d most likely put off because of the excuses your trickster mind presents. Ignoring your doubts and pushing through regardless of the fear is something any successful person needs to master. After 30 days you will subconsciously do things without any restrictions and even though you’ll still feel the fear, you’ll be comfortable doing it anyway. Besides… Taking cold showers is something that was scientifically proven many years ago to… 1) Strengthens immunity 2) Improves blood circulation 3) Keeps skin and hair healthy 4) Alleviates depression 5) Increases metabolism – promotes weight loss 6) Deepens breathing – combats stress 7) Increases energy 8) Increases hormone production 9) Regulates temperature 10) Improves lymphatic movement Add that to the psychological benefits we discussed above and it’s really a no brainer to do this for 5 minutes every morning for the next 30 days. I plan on taking cold showers for the rest of my life. I mean, if I can’t push through 5 minutes of being very uncomfortable in the shower every morning, what else am I going to avoid in my life that will have a much bigger over all impact on my success further down the line? Have a great day – and if you decide to take up this challenge I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you progress over the next month with this. To your success Declan “comfortable being uncomfortable” O’ Flaherty

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