Re-sending Your Email Broadcasts

Re-sending Your Email Broadcasts:¬†With open rates dramatically decreasing at the moment when it comes to email marketing, it’s important you use this neat little trick to get your message back out to the people who never opened your messages. This is a MUST do for all email marketers and it can make a huge difference to your sales. I have been using this trick from the very begining of my email campaign and mentioned it in one of my blog posts in the past, which you can find HERE. Rather than creating a video myself showing you the simple process of how this is achieved, I whipped this short video from youtube that explains it very well indeed. So, watch the video and implement the technique to get more open rates from your emails. It works, simple as that. To find out how to market effectively online and build a list of responsive subscribers, plus so, so much more, opt-in to the form above and let me show you how to create a sustainable business from the comfort of your own underpants. We guarantee results if you follow our step by step training to the letter. To your success Declan O’ Flaherty

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