Motivation, Focus And Ambition Are Not Enough


Question: what’s the most important thing needed to be a success in any business?

Answer: having a very strong reason “why” you’re in business in the first place.

Here’s why: Let’s assume there’s a perfect strategy out there for your particular business interests, that if mplemented, will eventually result in obtaining your goals. Whatever your goals are.

Now, let’s say you know exactly how to implement that particular staregy. You have the “how to”

Would you take the necessary action steps?

Would you work your ass of every second of every day to get what you needed to get done?

Would you give up your comforts?

Would you make the necessary sacrifices?

Would you literally bleed to get the results?

Basically what I’m asking is, would you do absolutely everything humanly possible to work that perfect strategy until you were a success?

You see my marketing genius…

Anybody who is absolutely certain they will get results from a startegy, will undoubnbtedly take massive action to make it work, simply because they already know what the end result is gong to be (remember, perfect strategy here)

The problem with having ambition, motivation and the “how to,” is that it limits you.

The reason those things limit you, is because there’s no escaping our capacity to dounbt what we cannot see.

Motivation is great, but it doesn’t last unless you’re getting results. Motivation diminishes for many different reasons and is mostly only a susutainable as the results you’re seeing from your work.

Ambiton is great too, but it doesn’t hold up to a reality that can easily fuck with you and show you some really hard truths about business. That, of course, is that it’s not cake walk.

The “how to” is not really any good at all to be honest. Unless the “how to” comes from a direct result of implementing something. If that was the case, then telling someone how to do something is actually pretty much useless on its own.

Maybe it’s “focus” that we need. I mean, that’s what everyone bangs on about, right? You’re not focused enough. I call B.S on that too. Focus diminishes just as quickly as motivation if you’re not seeing any results from your hard work.

Now now now though.

What about the “why?”

That, my friend, is the absolute best thing to have.

If you’re “why” is strong enough. You will not stop at anything to realize your dreams.

People who have a strong enough “why” do not rely on second hand knowledge. They don’t care what obstacles they face. If they can’t find a way, they’ll bloody make the way.

When your motivation diminishes. What will keep you going?

When your focus deteriorates. What keeps you going.

When the “how to” isn’t quite panning out as expected and as a result you lose focus and motivation. What is the “one” thing you can always call upon to keep that burning desire piping hot?

It’s the “why”

So. Why are you in business?

Why do you want this so bloody bad? You want it so bad, yes? I hope so, because that’s what will stifle your progress, make no mistake about it.

You may not even realize it yet. But if your “why” doesn’t feed that desire to succeed. You’ll struggle, and maybe that’s a reasson you are stuggling. Providing you are, by the way.

What I’m asking you to do:

Write down the reasons you’re in this business.
If it’s to make money. You’ll struggle. That’s certainly not a good enough reason “why”

Write down the reasons no obstacle will stop you getting to your goal.
When it gets too much. When you get disheartened. When you’re fed up, lost, low on energy, whatever. What is it that’s so fucking important, that it makes you realize your efforts, heartache, persistence, and whatever you’re sacrificing… will be worth it in the end.

I’m asking you to take a very close look at what you’re doing every day in your business.

If you’re not doing enough. If you know that you could be doing more. If you’re busy but not being productive.

It’s because you haven’t got a strong enough reason “why” you’re doing all this in the first place.

Maybe you had a strong enough reason “why” in the beginning.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that, that reason “why” was wrapped up in your ambition, motivation and focus you had when you first came online. And let’s call it like it is here…

Everybody is motivated, ambitious and focused when they first venture online to create a business. In the beginning that’s easily achieved until we actually get stuck in, and realize that it’s not all lollipops and fairytales this marketing game.

So, that “why” at the time, could have been a dream, rather than a burning desire.

Find your “why”

Tap into that noggin of yours and come up with a serious reason why you will power pass through the impassable, and mentally play that picture inside your mind every single day until it becomes conditioned.

Then, you will not worry about motivation, focus, ambition, or having the “how to”

You will have the “why” and that’s everything you need.

Declan O’ Flaherty
Digital Profit Classroom

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