Not Knowing What To Send To Your Email List


The problem of not knowing what to send, when
to send – and how often to send it.

What am I on about?

Emails of course.

And today I have a great website I urge you to place
inside your bookmarks and always refer to when you
need information on anything related to email marketing,
or “marketing” in general.

It’s not my blog.

It’s better than my blog if I’m being honest.

You should go onto this site every day to learn about
marketing, persuasion, copywriting and email marketing.

Along the left hand side you’ll see a whole host of
categories that have a great deal of excellent content
for you to delve into and use with whatever you’re
working on in your business.

Don’t be fooled by the name.

It’s called “market torrent” but hasn’t really got
much to do with file sharing, or anything shady.

Maybe you’ve come across this website before.


My tip for using this websites content:

When you’re struggling with what to write for your
blog or what to send to your email list. Simply go
to this website. Click on a cataegory related to what
you want to talk about, pick out one piece of content
that you find will benefit someone else – and then
write about it in your own words.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Nothing needs to be complcated.

Take a look…

UPDATE NOTE: The above website has been taken offline
since I published this post, so instead, go here…

As always. Have a fantastic day, and a productive one too.


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  1. Declan O Flaherty says:

    Pretty straightforward isn’t it, David?

    Good luck mate.


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