How To Get Better Results Doing Less Work

Pay close attention to this short message, and please then make a proactive decision to take the information… and put it to use in everything you do online.

It’s the Pareto principle again (I must drill this home – it is that important to you, of that I’m 100% convinced)

20% of your sources are responsible for 80% of your traffic

Where is most of your traffic coming from right now?

Do you know?

Sit down and get to the bottom of this because it could save you an awful lot of wasted time if you don’t.

Set up analytics. Track your links.

Track your squeeze page opt-in conversions.

Find the posts on your websites that get the most traffic, and optimize those pages.

80% of your time accounts for 20% of your results (80% of your results will come from 20% of your to-do list)

How many times have you gotten to the end of the day… and realized you got feck all done that day?

Quite a few?

Yeah, me too my friend.

Too many bloody times.

The difference between being busy online, and being productive… is results! Plain and simple.

So, how busy are you these days?

How productive are you?

Find out where 80% of your time is being wasted.

I talked about this in the last email.

Focus on just 4 – 5 tasks each day.

Cut the tasks that are not a priority.

20% of your list opens 80% of your emails

Take a look at how you build your email list.

Look at your traffic source, your squeeze page, your freebie, your offer, and then your email messages.

Make sure they all attract the kind of subscriber you want on your list.

20% of your blog posts will get 80% of the attention

When you find the blog posts that get most of your traffic.

Find out why.

Can you learn from those posts?

Can you replicate the effectiveness of them, and apply it to your current, and future posts.

80% of your results will come from 20% of your knowledge

We have this amazing ability to be able to predict future outcomes based off previous experiences.

It’s flawed though.

We tend to make decisions that keep us from being uncomfortable.

As soon as we venture into the unknown, our mind, with its outdated biological programming believes we are venturing into dangerous territory… and pushes us back into the familiar zone (comfort zone to all you sticklers out there)

This is the real key to breaking down barriers.

The fact that unless you’re uncomfortable, you’re simply stifled.

You’re stagnant.

You’re stuck.

You’re afraid.

Your right where your over protective, outdated, biologically programmed mind wants you to be… safe!

My point: Decide that you know enough already. And anything that’s needed, you’ll pick up along the way.

For now though, it’s time to get out of the pram, and go take what’s rightfully yours.

You know what to do, so just do it! (don’t tell Nike I said that)

Cut out 80% of the tasks that are doing nothing for your business… and use that extra time to focus on the 20% that’s most important.

This rule, if used, will be responsible for a lot of your success, in life, and in business.

By the by.

Not everything breaks down exactly 80% and 20% respectively.

It’s eerily close though.

Have a good one.


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  1. David Ryan says:

    Ah, the Pareto principle. Very effective.

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