The Formula For Success

Howdy partner,

Couple years back I read a statement that had a huge impact on my Internet marketing.The Formula For Success

It was…

“The formula for success is to spend less than you earn, and invest the rest”

Simple enough, right?

Thing is though.

I certainly wasn’t doing this at all.

I wasn’t conscious of how much I was spending which I found out later on to be detrimental.

The desire to spend money is just as potent as the desire for lust. WOW!! Did – Not – Know – That, or think about that to be honest.

But it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

We all have become accustomed to living a certain lifestyle.

No doubt about it.

That’s our bloody comfort zone.

And what do I always say?

“You don’t have what it takes to be a success until you’re willing to sacrifice your comforts”

And that’s the damn truth.

Unsuccessful people are the most comfortable people I know because they live inside a protective bubble created by their fearful mind.

I love this quote…

“The quality of your growth is a direct reflection
of how much discomfort you can comfortably live
Anthony Robbins

Aint that the truth?

Okay, where was I?

Oh yeah.

Spending less than you’re earning and investing the rest.

I want you to seriously take a look at your daily, weekly and monthly bill.

And, I want you to cut out 10% of that money you spend and invest it into some paid advertising.

Whether that be…

Flakebook advertising

Solo advertising

Banner advertising

YouTube advertising

Forum banner advertising

You get the point.

Start by saving at least 10% of your current spending – and then ONLY re-invest that money into your marketing…

Then, as you get comfortable saving 10% and are accustomed to your new lifestyle, simply slash another 10% off, and continue to re-invest.

This should actually be common sense to you anyway, but I bet you can drum up some extra cash every month that can be used to generate leads and build your email list.

I not only bet it, I can guarantee it.

Fact is.

Most people want success, they just don’t have what it takes to sacrifice their comforts to get it. No matter what those comforts are.


If you smoke. Give them up and re-invest the cash into your business. If you can’t give them up, then you clearly cannot make the sacrifices necessary to succeed. Justify this all you want, but what I say is 100% accurate.

If you eat out once a week. Stop doing it and, use the money for investing in your business. Simple. Maybe not that easy, but simple for sure.

Again, you get my point.

One last thing…

You may be sitting there saying that it’s not wise to give up the things that are currently making you happy and content in your life. But you’d be wrong.

Let’s say that you ABSOLUTELY 100% knew for CERTAIN you were going to be a success down the line, what would you give up today to make that happen?

If it’s everything possible, or what’s needed, why aren’t you doing it?

The only logical reason to not make the necessary sacrifices is because you’re NOT 100% CERTAIN that you will be a success further down the line.

That, my friend, is another problem you have.

We’ll get into that one another time.

For now though.

Seriously ask yourself whether or not you’re making the sacrifices needed to succeed.

Then ask yourself whether it’s because you’re not “certain” you’ll be a success.




And find out whether you are ready to make the sacrifices at the alter of greatness to achieve your goals.

Sissies are a dime a dozen. You couldn’t throw a rock without hitting one, but since you’re here, and they’re out there lemming their way through life, you have a significantly higher chance at making it.

Have a great day.


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2 Responses

  1. David Ryan says:

    Yes. I seriously need to learn how to spend less than what I earn.

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      A good rule of thumb is to have yourself focused on a particular outcome – and then only invest in a product that’s directly related to that end goal. Everything else is just noise David.

      Thanks for dropping by mate.


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