Discrediting The Guru Style Squeeze Pages

It’s no surprise the vast majority of squeeze pages we land on these days are… well… bloody awful. Let me explain: Every squeeze page I seem to land on gives absolutely no upfront value.

You’ve seen this many times I’m sure. I have to opt-in to that persons email list in order to find out what I’m signing up for. Am I the only sane person who sees a major problem here?

I’ll give you a scenario to bring this point home.

Let’s say I land on a squeeze page with a headline that reads…

“How To Add 1000 Responsive Email Subscribers To Your List Over The Next 30 Days”

OK, not the most imaginative headline, but that’s not the problem. The problem is, I have to bloody sign up to see what this strategy is all about because these asshole marketers haven’t given me that information. I fucking hate this kind of blind marketing – and people are starting to cop on to this.

So, I sign up to this persons email list t learn this amazing strategy that’s gonna get me 1000 responsive subscribers in 30 days. But, and here’s the big fat fucking BUT — I find out after signing up that this particular strategy revolves around creating Flakebook fan pages.

Well, my friend, I don’t do fan pages. For one, I don’t sell women’s clothes, shoes or jewelery.

For two, I haven’t the time to sit there all day answering questions on a social platform to people who have no fucking intention of buying my products.

And three, it’s a fucking retard way to make money when you could cut out the middleman (FB) completely and just send traffic directly to your squeeze page.

I’ve been tricked. I signed up for nothing. Now, what do you think happens when I land on another squeeze page that tells me to sign up for a way to make $5k a month, but gives me no inclination as to how I’m going to achieve that? I can tell you off the bat that, I aint fucking giving up my “primary” email address that’s for damn sure. I’ll give my secondary one instead.

And… that is one f the main reasons people are not opening your email messages. It’s not because they couldn’t be bothered. It’s not because your subject lines suck (although that can be a problem) it’s because your emails are laying inside your subscribers secondary email account.

Bottom line: If you have a squeeze page with a backdrop image of a tropical island… and… a headline with a couple lines of text… and that’s all! well, don’t be surprised if your open rates are fucking awful.

Fact is, people don’t know what they’re signing up for. And after a short while they realize that giving away their primary email address on a squeeze page that tries to “blindly” opt them in, without giving them even a hint of what that offer is really about, is just fucking moronic.

You’ve been warned 🙂

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7 Responses

  1. Bob Marconi says:

    I have to agree with you – I have been ‘burned’ so many times and I have to admit, I haven’t completely learned my lesson, yet!

    For me my site is a work -in-process and I still have not found my real voive yet – It ain’t easy to do!

    Thanks for the post

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      Thanks for stopping by Bob.

      Yep, I reckon almost everyone who has entered their contact details into more than a couple of sign-up forms have been burned at least once. I tell you something mate. It’s all about consistency. Compounding results over time by taking just a few action steps every day.

      Best of luck mate.

  2. Britt Malka says:

    Yeah, I’ve been burned, too. Annoying.

    But another thing has also happened frequently. I see such a squeeze page, and I think, “hm… that looks interesting.” So I sign up, get the link to the eBook, download it and go on with my life.

    A few days later I receive a mail from a marketer, and I think, “Who’s that?” So I don’t read the mail. After a while, I unsubscribe again.

    At the moment, I mostly focus on getting a buyer’s list, but I was also recommended to do solo ads to build my list with. Have you tried that? And if you have: Do you still recommend a long informative squeeze page over the usual headline-bullet-points-sign-up-form-squeeze page?

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      Hey Britt, how are you?

      It’s a great question. On one hand you’ll most likely lose money on the front end if you pay for solo ads but get a low conversion opt-in rate.

      On the other hand you’ll be generating a higher quality subscriber that works best on the back-end.

      If you think about what you already said about forgetting who’s email list you signed up for, it’s worth considering that a high opt-in conversion on a traditional squeeze page can, and is, very misleading. The higher opt-in conversion most always means the visitor is given very little information as to what they’re signing up for.

      My suggestion would be to give enough information about your product on your squeeze page, but have an opt-in form above the fold, as well as below the fold.

      There’s a common myth that people don’t scroll on squeeze pages, but this is certainly not the case. An interested party will have no problem reading through content once it’s something they have an interest in.

      Another great approach is to give away a resource guide. Like, 10 best plugins…. At least then there’s no real need to go into any detail about the guide you’re giving away because it’s self explanatory.

      Again, it’s a toughie when it comes to paid traffic methods Britt. But, no matter what, I would always make absolutely sure that when someone puts their contact details into my sign up form that they know what they’re getting.

      I think you can be safe with a good solid page with plenty of content, but have an opt-in form above the fold for the people in a hurry. Chances are though, if they’re not interested in reading the content on your page, it’s likely they won’t read your emails, and just as likely they won’t even read the report itself.

      Statistically 25% of people don’t even read the reports they buy online. I know that sounds crazy, but hey, we’re in a craze lil world my dear.

      Anyway Britt. Best of luck to you my dear.

      All the best.


  3. Debbie says:

    I’ve recently had a small debate on a well known Guru page providers blog recently. They constantly rant on about high conversions with these pages but no one seems to be able to clarify how long these subscribers stick around. They can’t seem to grasp that their business isn’t based on numbers but on longer term relationships. Drives me crazy but so glad ive come across you Declan because I was starting to think I was the only one who thought this way. Great post

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      Hi Debbie, how are you my dear?

      Yes, unfortunately that’s the way most think now, isn’t it? It’s a numbers game and nothing more. Considering how abysmal open rates are for many email marketers, you’d think more people would “get it”… like we do. Personally I really dislike this method of “blindly” opting people onto email lists but, that seems to be the way all the so called gurus are teaching list building.

      I guess if we were selling solo ads then it may be the better option to blindly opt people in…because lets face it, solo ad sellers have rubbish email lists anyway 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by Debbie.

      All the best.


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