Death of the Traditional Squeeze Page


death of the squeeze page

It’s about time someone buried the old fashion, outdated squeeze page that we’re all pretty much insulated from.

I’m talking about the “one page” squeeze pages with everything above the fold that have very little content on them – and are “more or less” blindly filtering people into an email funnel.

Just to be clear though. I’m not saying they’re NOT necessary. I’m simply attempting top re-frame how you look at these kinds of pages – and hopefully give you another option that “in most cases” is a far better and a much more effective way of doing things.



When it comes to the squeeze page, what most of us have been doing is offering a free report to get an email address. Yes? Not everyone, of course, but certainly the vast majority do this.

No doubt it works – and on the surface, it works damn well.

But, these days, with a lot of people complaining that their open rates are abysmal, there are a few things that needs to be considered when building a list this way…


First Thing to Consider:

A lot of people couldn’t give a flying monkeys about joining your email list – all they want is the free report. It’s not always the case, but I think it’s safe to assume that in most cases, it absolutely is.


Second Thing to Consider:

The “one page” squeeze page is a blind form of generating leads, because let’s face it; nobody really knows how good your free report is going to be until they actually read the thing. They “can’t” know for sure your freebie is going to be of any use to them.

Their reason for signing up was not to get your emails – but to get another free report from another marketer.

Most often they won’t even consider following your email series. They probably won’t even read the bloody report. I know it sounds kinda dumb that someone would actually sign up for a free report and never read it, but it happens.


Third Thing to Consider:

People are insulated to advertising these days. And like it or not, the widely used “one page” squeeze page with an image and an opt-in form, just screams ADVERTISEMENT!

Not good.

Not good at all.


So how Do You Address This Issue Effectively?

You focus on giving value BEFORE people opt in. You abstain from leading them blindly onto your email list – and you do it all without making your opt-in page look like an advertisement.

If you get this right, you’ll have people actually WANTING to join your list to get your emails.


And why would they open your emails after they opt in?

Because there’s no free report to opt in for in the first place. This essentially means every person who gives you their email address, is only doing so for the purpose of getting emails from you.


Is this difficult to set up?

It’s actually easier than the other squeeze page method and you have the added bonus of standing apart from the competition.

You gain instant trust before asking for anything in return. Most free reports are rubbish – and most people expect them to be rubbish when they give out their email address.

Some will give you a false email address anyway just to get the damn report.  Others will unsubscribe immediately after they download your report – and others will just not bother opening your emails when you send them.


We Need to Set Up a “Reverse” Squeeze Page:

The problem with the traditional squeeze page is that it’s a hard sell approach to generating leads. No way around it. But it’s time to turn this on its head and gain that initial trust we all seek BEFORE our visitor subscribes to our list.


We do this by ONLY asking for an email address AFTER we’ve given value. This instantly increases the value of our lead, ensures we get a real email address – and generates a list of people who want to open our emails. I ask you, who doesn’t want to build a list like this?




Let’s get into the bones of the reverse squeeze page method:

Before we do, I want you to take a look at two examples below of what these pages actually look like…


You’ll notice how:


1) These pages are not like any other squeeze pages…

— Especially in the MMO (make money online) market where you seriously must consider the consequences of following the herd. People, who see the same structured squeeze page over and over again, will automatically place very little value (expectation) on what they’re going to receive after they opt-in.


2) These pages build trust by giving value before you see any opt-in form…

— The one thing that’s lacking most in this business is the TRUST factor (I’m sure you’ll agree)


3) There’s no BLIND selling (advertising) on these pages – you know what kind of information to expect if you opt-in…

— Setting expectations from the beginning is a HUGE plus – and almost guarantees you’re generating a lead that’s highly motivated to read more of your content.


4) There’s a link at the end of each page that continues the story (you must click the link to keep reading)

— If the visitor clicks the link at the bottom of the page, it,  a) Ensures they dig your content, and,  b) it means they have already taken one action step to get them closer to your offer (this is huge)



Why This Is Easier to Set Up Than A Traditional Squeeze Page:

With your every day run of the mill squeeze page you have to create a report (usually at least 15 – 20 pages) but in this case you simply write an 800 – 1000 word quality article and space it out over two pages (much easier)


Some Pointers to Keep In Mind:

— You would put no more than 350 – 450 words on each page (the second page continues the story from the first where there’s link at the bottom of the page with a compelling call to action to make sure they click through.) Make sure to leave a cliff hanger at the end of each page.


— On the 3rd page you would have your opt-in form telling the reader that must be a subscriber to access the rest of your content (if they clicked through 2 times already this should not be any problem at all – and they’ll be happy to do so (after all – you’re not forcing anything on them and you’re not leading them down a blind alley)


— Rather than having an “instant access” button like every other opt-in form has, I’d recommend you have the word “subscriber” instead. This just looks far more trustworthy and it’s what almost all blogs use (blogs are far, far more trustworthy than squeeze pages.


— Identify a problem your target audience has (best to make it a problem they face in the beginning of their online journey.

— Write an 800 – 1000 word article solving that problem or at least answering some of the sticking points they will most likely have.

— Break the article into 2 parts and put it onto your WordPress website (leave a cliff-hanger at the end of each section with a link that sends them to the next page to read the rest of the article)

— Create a 3rd page with an opt-in form where you’ll tell them they must subscribe to your list to access the rest of your content (opt-in page doesn’t have to be super fancy.


That’s really all there is to the reverse squeeze page – and should take you no longer than a couple of hours to set up.

Remember, you’re zigging when every other marketer is zagging – and standing apart from your competition will immediately give you an advantage as well as building trust with your reader.

Also remember that the people who subscribe to your list are doing so in order to receive more content from you via email, so no need to worry about fake emails and low percentage open rates. As long as you continue to provide value you’ll knock it out of the park.

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