Creating Your Customer Avatar

In the short video below I’ll walk you through my customer/prospect Avatar. When communicating online, we must ONLY speak directly to ONE person – and not direct our message to a group.  Having an Avatar really helps you zone in on your market – and makes your message much, much more effective.

Included (below the video) is a free EMPATHY MAP & Avatar Profile that you can model, and quickly help you create your perfect prospect profile with ease. To Expand The Video To Full-screen Mode – Simple Click On The Icon At The Top Right Hand Corner Of The Video:

Download Your Free Empathy Map & My Avatar Profile

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1 Response

  1. Gavin says:

    This one of those things that sadly most people will look over.

    It’s the boring stuff but its the stuff that makes untold thousands of dollars.

    This is a great video and you should charge for sharing this.

    Absolutely invaluable.

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