How To Create A website That Gets 7000 – 10.000 Visitors Each Month

website visitorsThis post is not for the seasoned marketer, but for the person’s new to the game. This post is not to show you how to make money with a site, but to show you how I got visitors to my site with very little effort.

Hey guys,

I have a natural remedies website that gets 7000 – 10000 visitors each month without building any backlinks. Okay, maybe just a few links to certain pages, but for the most part, 90% of the content on my website have no backlinks. I get most of my traffic from long tail keywords spread throughout my website.

This strategy is nothing new, but I didn’t learn it from anyone. I came up with the idea myself and realized later on that it has been around for some time 🙂

The point in building this website was to rank for competitive keyword terms without having to spend money or time on baclinking, forum posting, social bookmarks and whatever SEO strategies are normally used to rank for keywords. I decided to put the work in at the start and rank for the keywords at the end…maybe that makes little sense at the moment, but hopefully by the end of this post you will have a better understanding where I’m coming from.

My goal for this thread is not just to share the strategy I used, but to also help you come up with ideas of your own. Maybe it will spark something inside your noggin that will help you with your own campaign…maybe. Anyway, here goes…


The Concept:

A couple of months ago I was looking for a niche to get into and decided the health niche was as good as any. Obviously this is one if the biggies, so I narrowed it down a little to income strategiesfocus on just “natural remedies”. Still a bit competitive for my liking as I had little money and I couldn’t stand building backlinks every bloody day (been there before and will never do it again).

That’s when I realized there were hundreds of keywords that had the term “natural remedies for” in the title, eg: natural remedies for kidney problems, natural remedies for bleeding gums, and so on… the beauty of this is that 80 – 90% of these keywords had little to no competition.

Now you may think that if there was no competition for these keywords then what’s the point in trying to rank them? Well I had no intention of ranking those keywords at all. I wanted to rank for the competitive keywords like “natural remedies for anxiety” but realized that if I had a website with 100 articles all with the term “natural remedies for” in the title, then Google would know my website was specifically targeting that phrase, and after a month or so of writing posts with that phrase on every single page of my site, Google would automatically rank the more competitive keywords when I decided to introduce them to the site. Again, nothing new, but it works.


The Strategy:

I decided to pick out 90 keywords with the phrase “natural remedies for” in the title and write 3 posts each day and add them to my website. This may seem like a lot of work but it took me no more than 1 hour to write 3 posts every day. The reason the posts took so little income strategiestime is because I had no intention of ranking for those keywords, so I couldn’t give a s**t if the content was substandard or not.

Nobody was going to be searching for these phrases anyway as they had no search volume. Some had a little search volume in the hundreds, but that’s as good as none anyways yeah.

All I wanted was that after a month of writing these posts, Google would know that my site was targeted for natural remedies. After a month I would then incorporate the searched volume keywords into my site and they would shoot up the rankings very quickly. You see, I put the work in first, so I didn’t have to later on.

This strategy worked like a charm. Every post that I introduced to the site was indexed in a matter of minutes and always landed on the first or second page. I then add just a few backlinks and they start to climb the rankings. Google looks at my site and sees no reason to penalize me with algorithm changes because I constantly update my site, there are no unnatural baclinks involved and the website is very targeted to the term “natural remedies”


Other Bonuses I Didn’t Foresee At The Time:

Now my goal was to rank for the competitive keyword phrases without much backlinking and that worked very well, but what I didn’t expect was that visitors were turning up at my site through long tail keywords I never targeted at all, not only that, but because I had so much content all related to natural remedies on the site, I unexpectantly had a lot of L.S.I keyword phrases related to “natural remedies” also spread all over the site.I now get between 250 – 300 visitors to the website everyday and it’s not stopping.

The traffic slowly increases every month and I haven’t even touched the site in about a month now. Natural Remedies For Anxiety is a phrase that gets 5400 exact searches a month, I ranked that keyword on the first page in less than a week with few backlinks and even though at that stage I moved onto other things in my internet marketing career and I haven’t touched the site, the keyword jumped up a couple of places last week for no reason.


The Point:

1) I spent 1 hour a day for one month writing 3 articles that all had the same exact phrase in the title (nothing new here but it works well)

2) 90% of the keywords on the site have little to no search volume

3) I obviously have a lot of LSI keywords spread throughout my whole site because every single article is related in some way (in this case it is the phrase “natural remedies”)

4) If I put a post onto this website now, it will be indexed within a couple of minutes

5) Googles algorithm likes my site because there’s no unnatural backlinking, the site has a lot of targeted content and it was updated on a regular basis

6) The site gets between 7000 and 10000 visitors a month


I have to point out that I no longer do conventional SEO and I no longer write articles. I have moved in a completely different direction with paid & banner advertisements, and I no longer even bother with this site.

Here’s the kicker, the site makes very little money because the 10000 visitors are spread out over 90 articles so it’s hard to target a specific keyword. I could get the competitive keywords to the top position in Googles search results with not much effort but I couldn’t be arsed building backlinks. I could set up an auto responder series on the site and that could work if I put the time in, but I really haven’t got the time as I’m making a killing with ads.

I only wrote this post today to maybe give you some ideas of what’s possible with just a little bit of effort (1 hour a day)

Maybe this post will help some people…that is my hope. Either way I just wanted to share something for the people only starting out. Groomed affiliate marketers probably won’t find anything of use out of this post, but I didn’t write it for them,


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