Copywriting Power Words

Copywriting Power Words:

I’m pretty sure you understand how important copywriting is for your online business. When writing copy for your email list, sales letters and landing pages, certain words conjure up more of an emotional response than others. They may seem like they’re the same, but they are not. So, what words are effective in eliciting a positive emotional response in your reader? Today’s post, is not really a post at all, it’s a list of “Power Words” that you should be using in your copy to create a positive response from your prospective customers.

Here’s the list of power words, I’ll then follow with a short list of  words to avoid like the plaque…


 Copywriting Power Words:

Absolutely                 Endorsed                Huge                        Odd

Amazing                      Enormous               Immediately             Outstanding

Approved                   Excellent                  Improved                 Personalized

Attractive                   Exciting                    Informative               Popular

Authentic                   Exclusive                 Instant                      Powerful

Bargain                        Expert                      Instructive                Practical

Beautiful                     Famous                  Interesting                Professional

Better                         Fascinating             Largest                     Profitable      

Big                             Fortune                        Latest                       Profusely

Colorful                      Free                           Lavishly                    Proven            

Colossal                    Full                               Liberal                      Quality

Complete                  Genuine                    Lifetime                    Quickly        

Confidential               Gift                            Lowest                    Rare

Crammed                 Gigantic                     Magic                       Reduced

Delivered                 Greatest                     Mammoth                Refundable

Direct                       Guaranteed                Miracle                     Remarkable

Discount                  Helpful                         New                        Reliable

Easily                       Highest                          Noted                      Revealing




Revolutionary           Strange                     Unique

Scarce                      Strong                       Unlimited

Secrets                     Sturdy                       Unparalleled

Security                    Successful               Unsurpassed

Selected                   Superior                    Unusual

Sensational              Surprise                     Useful

Simplified                 Terrific                        Valuable

Sizable                     Tested                        Wealth

Special                     Tremendous              Weird

Startling                    Unconditional             Wonderful


Notice how all of the above words conjure up a picture in your mind, and elicit an emotional response? Those are the words you should be using in your writing, especially on your landing pages, sales pages and most importantly, your headlines.

NOTE: It’s not advisable to use too many power words within your headlines. The last thing you want is for your headlines to be unbelievable positive. You must maintain credibility, and that means not to over do it and exaggerate your claims.


Here’s a short list of words that you should avoid like the plaque. The following words can elicit a powerful negative response from your prospect, so, work to avoid using these in your copy at all costs.


Bad                      Worry                    Fail

Buy                      Taxes                    Liability

Contract              Wrong                   Cost

Death                  Difficult                  Obligation

Loss                    Sell                        Decision

Hard                    Deal


So there you have it, print this off, write them down, bloody memorize them if you have to, but make sure you are aware of what emotional responses you are implanting into the mind of your prospective customer before you publish your content.

Take care and have yourself a great day.


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