Why You Can Never Do What’s Necessary For Success And Get Distracted Very Easily

People who fail consistently… ALL SHRINK in the face of adversity, and go do something else that’s not as difficult, which gives them the JUSTIFICATION they are still doing something worthwhile.They blame…The strategy.The product.Information overload. Procrastination. The lack of time. The lack of money. The lack of support from their family. The cable guy. The next door neighbors cat. Everything. Everyone. And yet, every single person who shrinks in the face of adversity… and blames someone or something else… ABSOLUTELY knows deep down, that THEY are at fault. They won’t consciously admit it. But they know all the same. Something new, or different… is attractive to us all. New tactic, tip… trick. New product. New house on a beach. An obese lady in pink spandex at a volleyball tournament… not watching… but actually playing. It’s attractive. And yes, even the obese woman in pink spandex is attractive to you. Not in a sexual way you understand. But you’re attracted to look at her all the same. You don’t want to look (or maybe you do), but you can’t help it. That’s why it’s so easy to jump from product to product and not follow through with sticking to just one strategy. You can’t help it. You’re compelled to look. You’re attracted. Headlines on a sales pages do 80% of the selling of that product. Once you see it (if it appeals to your emotion), you can’t look away. Earn 10k this month, is very attractive. Get a shit load of traffic to the squeeze page that has a crappy offer, which leads into no funnel… and no back-end in place… … is even attractive. Where’s the intelligence though? Where’s the common sense? The smarts? Where’s the logical, conscious, conclusion that these are all designed to bypass the intelligence of a person and appeal directly to the emotion. Do you have a plan? A road map? Any bloody idea what your next move is? Where you want to be next month, in six months? If not. You are primed perfectly (or perfectly primed) to jump onto ANYTHING that’s more attractive than what you’re not succeeding at right now. The alternative to no results at the minute, has to be more attractive, right? No matter what it is. Maybe you’re not a jumper, A quitter of strategies, A product consuming beast. Maybe that’s not your problem. What is, though? Are you doing enough? Are you moving forward consistently, in the right direction? If not. What’s attracting you? The easy tasks on your to-do-list? The comfort of not feeling uncomfortable? Consuming more content because it gives you the justification you’re still working? What is it? Because… the attractive route is ALWAYS going to be more desirable. ALWAYS. Is there a solution to this problem? The solution is self discipline. Doing the stuff you don’t like doing. Planning. Sticking to one strategy. Focusing on the things that require the most amount of effort. Amongst many others. Unfortunately most folk won’t do it. They’re doomed to seek out desirable alternatives to what’s not working for them right now. But not working right now is part and parcel of progress. The plateau. We all hit one, or two, or twenty. They are the times when nothing seems to be happening, even when they are. You just need to keep going. Pushing. And pushing. As soon as you feel like it’s getting too hard. You push some more. Why? Because when you’ve done all the things that haven’t worked already, you’re inevitably moving closer to what will work. As soon as you jump to a new product because it’s easier… … you’re starting right back at the beginning again. And on it goes. Round and round. Quitting before you’ve exhausted all possibilities on one strategy, to go and repeat the same process with a new one. Give it enough time and you’ll be a year in, 2 years, 3 years, without ever realising that you’ve mastered the art of being efficient at eliminating all the ways each single strategy doesn’t work. Then you say… This is hard. I can’t make this Internet marketing thing work. Why can’t I do this. And yet, all theĀ  while, you’ve done everything possible to make sure you never succeeded. So what’s my point? Isn’t it obvious? All the best. – Declan. P.S… Have grabbed tghis yet?

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