Build A 10k List For Free With Free WSO’s

build a list for free with wsoIs it possible to build a 10k+ list for free, by giving away free reports on the warrior forum?


The goal of this post is to work out a way to build a list of at least 10 thousand subscribers per year, absolutely free, with minimal effort. Just to note, I haven’t tried this method yet, but plan on doing so at the start of next month. I’m simply writing this to give you some ideas of what’s possible.

If you’re unsure what a WSO is, it’s a “Warrior Special Offer” over at…well…the Warrior forum. In order to have the privilege (and it is a privilege) to be able to post WSO’s, you must have a War Room membership on the forum, which costs $37 for 20 years. (Well worth the investment with the free content you get access to – but we’ll leave that for another day) There’s a video at the end of this post where I walk you through the Warrior forum and show you how the set up looks.

To run a WSO you pay the forum $40. When creating a WSO you can either sell your own product, or give away your product for an opt in on your squeeze page. In this post I will be structuring the strategy around a free 10 – 20 page report. (I’m sure you can drum up a 20 page report on something people on the forum build a list for free with wso'swill find useful)

I find WSO’s to be a far better way to build your list than solo ads. It’s cheaper than a solo ad, and you get more subscribers for less money. I usually get between80 to 100 subscribers for $40, which you will not get from any solo ad out there at the moment, at least not from a reputable provider.

Before we get to the meat and bones of this post, I feel it’s important to note that the figures I present in this article… are close assumptions – and not to be taken as fact. For example: I will talk about bumping a post 8 times within a month, but it may be 6 bumps depending on the days they fall off the 3rd page. Either way, building a 10k list for free with this strategy is easily doable.

Let’s get to it…


The Strategy:

Okay, it costs $40 to put your product up on the Warrior Forum as a WSO. After your offer goes live on the forum, it will be visible to around 8000 people at any given time. You can see from the image below how many people are active on the WSO forum before posting your offer…


Build a list with free wso


At the time of taking this screenshot, it’s 1:42pm. Tonight, from around 8pm onwards that number will increase to between 8 and 10 thousand. That’s when to post your WSO initially. However, you should still average 300 views (more likely 400) before it falls off the third page after a couple of days.

As new WSO’s are posted, your post will gradually move down the page and eventually fall off onto the second page. This can happen as quickly as 4 hours, or can stay on the first page for a whole day. Either way, the time-frame is not important as you will average the same amount of views per $40 spent.

A WSO with a really good subject line and an offer people are looking for, will get on average between 300 – 400 views. If 30% click through to your squeeze page, you could get about 100 subscribers. Of course this is not set in stone because there are many variables to consider, but even if only 20% opt in, that’s still 60 subscribers at a bare minimum. Looking at the image below, we can see a few people offering free WSO’s. Check out the ones with thousands of views – they’re bumping these free WSO’s for a good reason…


build a list free wso


And the one below shows one guy who’s generating a hell of a lot of leads from “in my opinion” a bloody awful free report. I can almost guarantee he is recouping the $40 bump of the thread and generating thousands of subscribers for absolutely nothing. I could be smacked out of my head on drugs and still write a better report than that one, but hey, much respect to him for taking action and building a substantial list.

 build a list for free with wso


For the purpose of this guide I’ll assume your offer can get a minimum 60 subscribers for each time you promote your offer. We also want to make the $40 back that we spent on the WSO. What we do is put a cracking affiliate offer on the “thank you” page after people sign up. If the product is quality, and you earn $20 commissions per sale, that means you only need two sales to break even. You will also put a few links inside the report to relevant affiliate offers to make sure you recoup that $40 initial investment. After all, we want to build a list for free.


Here’s a very simple way to do this after someone opts into your list…

 build a free list with wso

If you are generating 60 subscribers per $40 (WSO FEE) you should get about 30 – 40 people clicking on that image to take a look at the offer. If the offer is relevant, getting at least 1 sale should be a breeze. Couple that with the links inside your report and you should be able to make one more sale.

Of course, you can have an offer that sells for $7 with 100% commissions that may work even better. 5 – 6 sales of a low priced product shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, right? Remember, test and tweak until you’re building that list for free.


Let’s break the numbers down…

Cost of WSO = $40

Subscribers = 60

2 Sales = $40


We just got 60 subscribers for free.

Now, your WSO can only be bumped back up to the very top of page one after it falls off page three (which takes 3 – 4 days) If you bump your WSO every 3 – 4 days, you will even out at about 8 bumps a month…

Cost of 8 bumps = $320

Subscribers = 480

2 sales per bump = $320


Providing we are generating at least $40 in sales from the affiliate offers we promote after people opt in, and from the links inside our free report, we should have gotten 480 free targeted subscribers. If you find your affiliate offer isn’t converting, get a new one – and make sure it’s of a very high quality. It must also be relevant to your initial free offer.

It’s in your best interest here to test and tweak until you’re recouping your initial WSO investment. When you do – it’s just plain sailing and you’re going to consistently build a list of targeted subscribers for free. Don’t worry too much about the cost in the beginning; you’re still building your list without losing your shirt. Even one sale of an affiliate product that brings in $20 commissions will ultimately mean you’re spending 30 cents per lead – which is not bad at all.


We’re Going To Ramp This Thing Up Now…

Let’s say you create a second product and give it away. (It should take you no more than a couple of hours to create another offer and set up a squeeze page)

Alternated between bumps, you essentially double your figures, and all you had to do was create another short guide.


Here are the figures for 2 WSO’s…

Cost of 16 bumps (8 x 2 products) = $640

Subscribers = 960 a month

2 sales a bump ($40 x 16) = $640


That’s 960 subscribers each month for free, providing you’re recouping your initial WSO cost (which you should be doing by now) Don’t spend this much cash on bumping your threads if you’re not generating any sales from the affiliate offers you’re promoting after the initial opt in. You should be testing and tweaking until you are making enough sales to recoup your initial investment – only then you should ramp it up.

How much cash do you think you can make from a subscriber list of 10k? A lot, right? It’s right there for the taking. Following along with the exact strategy above, you could easily have a 10k list within the year.


Putting This Strategy On Steroids…

But that’s not good enough right now. This can be expanded to 4 wso’s running at the same time.

So, inevitably after a month or so you’ll realize that you have to do nothing at all to keep 2 wso’s running at the same time – and that’s when you crank this baby up.


The figures for 4 WSO’s are…

Cost of 32 bumps (8 x 4 products) = $1280

Subscribers = 60 x 32 = 1920 a month

2 sales a bump ($40 x 32) = $1280


That’s a Whopping 1920 free subscribers a month with very little effort? That’s a phenomenal amount of subscribers each month for free – and it definitely looks doable. Maintaining the WSO’s need nothing more than an excel sheet reminding you when to bump your WSO’s.

As you can see from the figures above, a list of 10k subscribers a year is more than doable. In fact, going by these numbers and providing you ramp it up to 4 WSO’s, you could be averaging 20.000+ subscribers a year, for free.


1920 X 12 months = 23040 subscribers a year. That…is…Phenomenal!


After a while you’ll start to get less opt ins for certain WSO’s. This, of course, is only natural, because after a couple of months many people will have seen your offer. But, don’t sweat it. There are a hell of a lot of WSO’s with 100k views and growing, so no need to worry about your subs drying up any time soon. When you retire one of your WSO’s after a couple of months, you just have another one ready to replace it, and on so it goes.

So, how does a list of 10 – 20k a year for free sound to you? You really should be excited right now, I am. This is more than doable. The cash you’ll be earning from a list of that size will be immense.


Concluding This Post:

As I said at the beginning of this post, this is just theory right now – but I will be making it a reality very soon. I know this method will work with no problems because I know how WSO’s perform. I have a few already on offer – and every one of them generates at least 100 subscribers for $40.

I hope this post gave you an idea of what’s possible with very little effort. An initial investment is obviously required when starting this up – but let’s be honest, the people who don’t put money into their business are the ones who end up quitting. You need to invest, it’s as simple as that.


declan o flaherty

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6 Responses

  1. how could i subscribe to your list and get the mind-map tool , you suggested in the wso video

    • nalced says:

      Thank you for reminding me to update the link above to the Mind Map. I recently changed squeeze pages and the above link is working fine now. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

      Actually – here’s the link to the Mind Map…

  2. Ade says:

    Nice idea…I hadn’t really thought of bumping free wsos as I thought they would go a bit stale after the first release but that’s just an assumption that is unproven. I have a free wso (and plan to create more) which got around 50 optins on the first release. I get more optins by commenting on the forum with the wso in my signature. Your method would save so much more time and the social proof – like the number of views, flashing hot symbol, comments that might come from repeated bumps might make more people sign up for it. Also, if someone is in the warrior special forum offer section, there is a good chance they spend money. What’s your idea of a good free wso ? A resource report ?

    • nalced says:

      How’s things Ade?

      Email marketing is always a safe bet mate. You already know that most people on the Warrior Forum love the money making stuff, so I bet traffic tips reports would do quite well. In saying that though mate, since I’ve posted this method I have had a few hits and misses.

      Productivity reports didn’t work too well. Honestly mate, I think short 5 page reports that solve just “one” particular problem will always do well.

      Great points there Ade.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Steve says:

    Interesting concept but I’d like to ask you something you didn’t mention at all.

    What the the tier 1 (US,UK,CAN,AUS,NZ) conversions like. It’s a good concept to build a list fast but I personally wouldn’t do this method if 50/60/70% of my list were coming from places like India who make it very difficult to close any sales etc.

    Since this is an old post, it will be interesting to know whether you’re still doing this and out of those avergae 60 optins what the % of tier 1 countries are actually opt-in in to your list.

    Appreciate it.

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      I don’t use the method as much any more, Steve, but that has nothing to do with the traffic.

      Honestly not sure where you’re getting 60% low tier countries from mate. The traffic is fine. Not as targeted as FB ads, but very targeted all the same. Forum traffic is always targeted – and unless you’re on an Indian forum, the quality is good too 🙂

      Have a good one, Steve.


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