The Best Way To Make Money Online

Today’s post is an overview of how to go about setting up a real business online. I will give you the foundation of how you should be looking at making money online. In future posts I will dig deeper into each strategy separately, but for now, just absorb the whole concept until then.


Follow This Guide:

Making money online is only difficult when you get the wrong advice. Be very careful who you listen to. When i first started out I was introduced to a very well known marketer who thought me how to make money online. I bought his course, went through it with a fine tooth comb and implemented his strategies. I made about $100 within the first 6 months and put a hell of a lot of work into it. Do you know what? The advice was bloody awful for the best way to make money onlinecreating a long term business.

If you are looking to set up a lot of sites, create lots of content and build lots of backlinks to rank that content…then best of luck, you will most definitely need it.

I used to read all the BS out there saying that most people fail online because they give up, that is a very bad assessment of why people REALLY fail to make money online. The main reason why people fail is because 99% of the information floating around is garbage, and 99% of the people out there are still using it.

When they don’t see results from implementing this garbage information they then tell you that internet marketing is hard…this, in my opinion is bulls**t!! pardon my French.

It took me about a year to wake up to all this nonsense. If you are serious about setting up a sustainable business then your focus should be solely based around learning marketing…attraction marketing to be exact.


The truth is, affiliate marketing is very difficult and time consuming when you are implementing the wrong strategies. The fastest way to making money online is this…


1) Set up an autoresponder

2) Find a quality product to promote

3) Set up a squeeze page to capture leads

4) Drive traffic to that squeeze page through forum, social, article and solo advertising marketing

5) When you capture email addresses, provide FREE incredible value to that list either through a 7 day video course, an eBook that is guaranteed to provide enormous value, or a quality newsletter that your confident will provide ongoing value

6) Promote the quality product you found in step 2, but only after you have built trust by providing INCREDIBLE value for FREE

7) If you want to build a relationship with your list that is sustainable, then make sure you provide value first before you try to sell them anything ( you can try to sell early on if you like, but many tests have been done that prove you are far more likely to gain their trust if you provide valuable content first)


There’s a bit of a learning curve to the above strategy that I will share in another post soon enough, but it is only a fraction of the learning curve compared to building sites, creating content and searching for backlinks

The only push button money making system out there is your list…which is your asset. Be smart and think of your long term goal and strategy.

Update: I rarely use solo ads anymore due to them being saturated with freebie seekers. I suggest you take a closer look at banner ads, PPC and facebook advertising instead. I will cover these traffic sources very soon.


Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page:

Forum marketing: This method should only take 45 minutes each day.

Go to forums related to the niche you’re in and put a link into your signature pointing back to whatever page you want your traffic to end up on. I recommend you join 3 forums and spend 15 minutes in each one providing value to the participants. Answer questions people need help with and always sound professional…make sure you come across as an expert in your field and if possible, try to create a buzz by being controversial…not too controversial, just enough to create interest.

Here’s a list of forums in the make money niche I recommend you join.. at…

Update: Rich Dad forum doesn’t allow signatures anymore. End of update.


Social Marketing: This should only take you 45 minutes each day.

Pick a platform like Facebook and go onto other peoples fan pages and leave a link back to your site. Make sure to provide value to their posts and do not spam. This means that your comment must be congruent with what the topic is about on that page. If you can set up a fan page yourself, drive traffic back to that page from other fan pages and have links pointing back to your site.

TIP: If you do happen to have a fan-page, you can easily drive traffic back from other pages by “liking” peoples comments. We are curious creatures by nature and if you “like” another person’s comment, they often click on your name to see who the hell you are.

Just make sure that you are “liking” comments and posting on pages as your “fan-page” and not your personal profile. If you find a post with 100 comments for example, you can “like” all of those 100 posts in one minute. You can be assured at least 20 – 30 people will click through to see who you are. This is a little known strategy for building your fans in record time.



Writing quality articles is very important when it comes to online marketing. As they say, content is KING. Write (or outsource) an article and put it onto your own website. Wait for Google to index that article, then put it up on the top 5 article directories. If your article is really valuable, it will be picked up by other webmasters and placed on their own blogs…with a link back to your landing page within the content. This strategy is very powerful and can bring very targeted traffic to your offer and build your list. Take a look at this post to find more information.


Solo Advertising: This should only take A COUPLE OF MINUTES.

This is the most recommended strategy on the list and one you should be implementing on a regular basis. Go to Reed Floren’s solo ad directory and take a look at the ads on display. These ads are handpicked and work very well for driving traffic back to your squeeze page. Of course this is going to cost you a few bucks but the returns far outweigh what you put in. You will build your list in record time and the more people you have on your list, the better your success as an online business owner you become. It’s the quickest way…hands down!!!

Floren’s Solo Ads

Update: I think it’s only right to point out that I don’t use Floren’s Solo Ad Directory anymore. These lists have been saturated with freebie seekers and I recommend you give them a miss. I decided to leave the link in place in case you want to do a little research about this yourself. It’s not my job to convince you of anything, I merely recommend what works for me and If you decide to take my advice, great, if not, cool.

There are 4 main list brokers I use to look for lists to send my offers to. These are a little bit more expensive but well worth it if you can get it right. It’s all about testing different strategies and saving the the ones that work. Here’s a list of brokers where you can search for list providers.

End of update.

If you have more time, then put more into these strategies, but do not spread yourself too thin by trying to implement a hundred different strategies all at once. Master “one” before you move on to others. Remember though, you MUST be consistent with your efforts and also be a bit patient at first. The results will definitely come if you set a time schedule and stick to it every day. I realize that the paid solo ads may be difficult at first due to financial restraints,  but this is a real business you are setting up here and you will have to put something in to get it out.


How To Earn The Cash:

You can sell membership subscriptions to your prospective customers to build residual income. Can you find 200 people in 6 months on the WHOLE internet to sign up for a quality membership site that gets you $20 commission every month from each person? You can definitely achieve this with the right mindset. The internet is a pretty big place, and people are signing up for membership sites every day.

You can sell high ticket items that get you $1000 commissions for each sale. There’s a myth going around that it’s difficult to sell high ticket items. It’s not true at all, in fact, selling high ticket items is not much more difficult than selling lower ticket items if you approach the right people. Remember, the internet is a very big place and many people pay high prices each day for quality services and products.

You can also be promoting $20 dollar products along with the above to your list for extra income. If your list is well looked after and you consistently provide value, they will be responsive to your promotions…period!!

Focus on those three strategies and make it your goal to work hard at implementing them into your sales funnel.


Post Summary:

You will find it difficult to implement the above strategies without building a list, but I’m sure you can see the potential in this…yes? Get this right and you can be earning more than enough to keep you happy. With that income you can easily leverage your business and double, triple and eventually quadruple your online income. Unfortunately it is true that the more you have, the more you can earn. As I said, It’s all about leverage by reinvesting your earnings back into your business.

Google changes its algorithm more often than I change my underpants, and believe me when I tell you, the last thing you want is to build your business on a foundation that relies on the big G… you may as well go out and find a regular paying job, because either way you are dependent on the big boss for your bread and butter.

Organic free traffic takes time to achieve and you pay for it with your time. This strategy should be your secondary focus behind using the methods I laid out here today. Over time, you do want to be ranking organically for certain keywords, but try to focus on direct traffic at first simply because it’s a lot quicker to get results.

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  1. Jinxy says:


    This sounds so cool man. I remember chris farrel saying this stuff a while back but never took any notice. I have build webs over the place but struggled to make cash with them. Money is a bit of problem for me.

    Thank you for layin out this strategy, i think i can follow along with this and make it work for myself. Not sure about solo adverts, need some mulla.

    • nalced says:

      Hey Jinxy. Really thought I replied to your comment a while back. Sorry for the delay. Yep, having a bit of cash for advertising can make things a whole lot easier, but with consistent effort you can easily make it work without cash in the beginning.

  2. Thanks Declan for the great forum sites, by the way this one looks awesome. Have a great day…

    • nalced says:

      How’s things my friend?

      You’re more than welcome, glad you got something worthwhile from the post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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