A Proven Step By Step Strategy To Making Money Online


I used to read all the BS out there saying that most people fail online because they give up. That is a very bad assessment of why people REALLY fail to make money online. The main reason is because 99% of the information floating around is garbage, and 99% of the people out there are still using it.

It took me about a year to wake up to all this nonsense. I want to share with you today, a proven strategy that gets results when implemented. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not a push button secret either.



The basic setup looks something like this…

1) Pick a niche to market in.

2) Find/Create a free report to give away.

3) Set up a squeeze page to capture leads.

4) Drive traffic to that squeeze page.

5) Send quality actionable content to your new subscribers.


I’m confident you already know about the above 5 steps – but are you taking action and implementing them? Let’s take each step in turn and expand on the actionable steps you could take starting today.


1)        Pick a niche to market in:

Picking the right niche is paramount to your future success. I recommend picking any niche you feel comfortable writing about. But, there has to be people willing to spend money in this niche. If you check on Magazines.comAmazon bestsellers and Barnes & Noble for books related to your chosen niche, you’ll quickly discover if there’s a market.

Keep in mind, the more popular the niche, the better chances you have at driving targeted traffic to your squeeze page. This is very, very important.

 For example: Let’s say you chose the “back pain” niche. Now, this is a health issue that people are definitely willing to spend money on. I had a back pain problem a couple of months ago and would have done anything to relieve the pain without having to take prescription drugs. But, there’s a little bit of a problem with this niche. It can be difficult to drive traffic to your offer unless you use PPC (paid traffic) which can be very costly.

Contrast this to the “weight loss” niche. Another very popular market where people are spending money. But, unlike the back pain niche, it’s a whole lot easier to drive traffic to these kinds of offers through guest posting, forum marketing, solo advertising and facebook… there’s just more sites out there to promote your offer on.


2)         Find/Create a free report to give away:

Okay, you have a niche picked out. Now it’s time to create a free short report to give away on your squeeze page. There’s a few different ways this can be done…

A) Search online for a PLR (private label rights) report and rewrite it in your own words.

B) Research the headlines and chapters of the bestselling books on the subject, paste those headlines into Google and compile notes from the content you come across.

C) Create your report based on the headline templates below…


— The 8 Reasons You Are ___ (fill in blank with your niche)

Example: The 8 Reasons You Are Struggling To Lose Weight and What to Do About It (Go to Google and search for 8 reasons why people struggle with weight and write a report about them)

— The 9 Rules __ (fill in blank with your niche)

Example: The 9 Rules You Must Follow To Effectively Lose Weight and Keep It Off For Good

— The 3 Mistakes People Make ___ (fill in blank with your niche)

Example: The 3 Mistakes People Make When Dieting and Why 99% Will Never Stick To Their Eating Plan

You get the idea, yes? You can switch these headlines and play with them any way you see fit – but always keep them nearby because whether you realize it or not – they’re very useful for writing all kinds of reports.


3)         Set up a squeeze page to capture leads:

I’m going to assume you already have experience creating a squeeze page. Over the years I have created dozens of squeeze pages in many niches – and it’s safe to tell you that ‘less is more” and “curiosity” is essential. The more information you give on your squeeze page – the lower (usually – but not always) the opt in conversions.


The 3 Crucial Elements Of A Squeeze Page:

1) Your headline and tagline must stir an emotional response.

2) You should have a professional image of your report on the page.

3) Your opt in form should be above the fold (visible to the visitor immediately when the page is loaded)



Your headline is by far the most important part of the squeeze page. Visitors will make a decision in the first 5 seconds whether to either continue to read on, or hit the back button. I recommend you incorporate the name of your report in the headline – or at least part of it…


Here’s an example…


Report Name: The 7 Steps ____

Squeeze Page Headline:

Free Report Reveals The 7 Steps You Must Know To Successfully Shed Those Unwanted Pounds and Start Feeling Great In The Process – Guaranteed!


Report Image:

The image you use for your free report is just as important as the report itself. The perceived value must be of a very high quality – never put a subpar image onto your squeeze page. Check this tutorial on how to create free eBook covers.


Opt In Form:

When you put an opt in form onto your squeeze page, make sure it’s immediately presented to the visitor when the page first loads – and if possible – put it to the right of your image. You should also point the visitor to the opt in form, either with a graphic arrow, or a small bit of text telling them EXACTLY what’s expected of them.

Whether you decide to get their name & email – or just their email, is entirely up to you. I can tell you from experience that just asking for their email will get you a higher opt in rate, however, asking for their name too – will help build trust far quicker when sending follow-up messages (which we’ll cover shortly)

In the “make money online” niche, an email address may be enough – but in the health niche where less people are on marketers lists – I’d ask for the name and the email. Again, this is your decision.

To create stunning lead capture pages I highly recommend Lead Capture Platform (The most powerful lead capture platform out there)

4)         Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page:

Once you have everything set up and ready to go, it’s now time to drive traffic to your squeeze page and build that email list. Since this is not an article on how to drive traffic, I’ll just leave a few links here to resources you can take a look at…







5)         Send quality actionable content to your new subscribers:

The last step is an ongoing process that takes a little bit of experience to effectively master. The point is to only send quality content to your subscribers related to the subject they’re most interested in. Here’s an example of how this could look…

Email #1: Introduction, Free report, Welcome to my list (or whatever you prefer)

Then it is time to get into relationship building. This is what it could look like:

Email #2: Valuable Information That is Relevant (send 1 day later)
Email #3: Let them know a little bit about yourself. (send 3 days later)
Email #4: I just created a bonus for you. (send 3 days later)
Email #5: Promotional offer (send 3 days later)
Email #6: Industry insight, follow by a promotion (send 1 day later)
Email #7: Value based information, connect on a personal level (send 7 days later)



You have just set up 7 additional emails to be sent to your list completely on autopilot. Can you see how powerful this can be?


You can set this up however you want and have the emails sent out in whatever intervals as you see fit. As long as you are providing valuable free information coupled with quality promotions, you can’t go far wrong with this approach. You will continue to add to your follow up emails as you progress and incorporate your cross promotions into the sequence making sure to build that all important relationship as you go.

I know many marketers who have their follow-up sequence set up for over 100 days, some set them up for a whole year. Once you have a sequence that converts, anyone entering into your funnel will be automatically promoted to completely hands free.

You can test to see what’s working well in your sequence by checking open rates and clicks. If a particular email is not performing as well as you would like in your follow-ups, simply take it out or change it until the desired results have been met. You can always refine your email follow-ups until they are converting at the highest possible level. Just remember to always test and tweak.


Broadcasting Live Emails:

Broadcasting to your list is important if you have content that has a sell by date. Let’s say there’s a particular product that has just come onto the market and you want your list to know about it straight away. There’s no point putting it into your follow-ups because by the time most of your list sees the promotion, it may be too late.

Unlike follow up emails, broadcasts are one time messages that get sent out “once” to your list and that’s it. If the response from a broadcast is very well received and the content has longevity, you can simply add it to your follow up sequence if you so wish to do.

Broadcasts are also used when people on your list finish the follow up sequence of emails and are not scheduled to receive any more from you. In this case you can segment your list into sections, where people who have finished your follow up sequence will just receive broadcasts from you in future. Of course, how you play this out is entirely up to you and something you will become adept at doing the more experienced you become at email marketing.



Everything laid out here in this article today is more than enough for you to take action with and start to make money online. There’s no secret to this at all. Keep it simple, follow the steps and gain momentum by consistently taking action every single day.

If you would like a complete step by step strategy explained in greater detail, go here next…

Digital Profit Classroom

Have a fantastic day.


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  1. David Black says:

    I’m in the process of building my first list and was struggling with setting up my email series – this has been very helpful – Just need to get some visitors to try and convert…

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      Best of luck David. The best thing to do is to start as soon as possible. You’ve done that. Now it’s time to learn what works best for through trial and error. Oh the joys of it all mate.

      Thanks for stopping by mate.


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