8 “Stupid” Copywriting Tricks to Triple Your Conversions

This is a 2 part copywriting series where Chris “Moneyfingers” Haddad, “one of the top copywriters in online marketing” shares 8 “Stupid” Copywriting Tricks to Triple Your Conversions. These 2 videos are absolute Gold, I promise.¬†

There will be an option below to download my notes of the videos in PDF so you can take your time going through the content whenever you see fit.

Promise me you’ll watch these 2 videos. Believe me when I say that this information will dramatically increase your online conversions, hands down, if you take the tips Chris shares with you, to heart.

Enjoy my friends…And please feel free to share if you’re that way inclined ūüôā Have a fantastic day.

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1) What does your market actually want?


  • ¬†Come up with your promise, your hook or even your whole sales video BEFORE you create the product.
  • ¬†“Nobody cares what you want to sell them. They care about what they want to buy.
  • ¬†Appeal to the PRIMAL desires of your market. What do they want DEEP IN THEIR LIZARD brain. (They might not even know it themselves.

(There are 2 reasons why a man buys something “the reason he buys it – and the reason he tells his wife”)



  • ¬†“Make him beg to be your boyfriend.” (Women want to be desired and even OBSESSED about)
  • ¬†“Text your ex back” (“I want her back but I don’t want to do any work”)
  • ¬†Numerology market – (“I want to be special. I want cosmic forces to blame for the bad things in my life”)
  • ¬†Make Money – (“I want to wipe that smug look off my brother-in-laws face and PROVE I‚Äôm worth something. Also, a Porsche would be nice”)


2) Use “Punched In The Gut” Storytelling (P.I.G)


  • ¬†You can’t bore them into buying your stuff. Most people who are reading your content, watching your videos and reading your email messages, are incredibly bored.


Home Power Example:

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Original: “I’m an electrician who will teach you to make power.”

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† P.I.G Version: “Daddy I’m cold.” “The Government couldn’t protect my family, but I could.

Result of change from “original” to “P.I.G version” — 70% increase conversion to affiliate and banner traffic right away.


How to put above P.I.G version into a story…

I’m a 47 year old Dad from Minnesota and I bet you can imagine how awful I felt, in the middle of the winter one day, when the lights went flickering off in one of the worst storms we’ve ever had – and my beautiful little daughter came padding into the room, her lips almost blue. Looked up to me with her little eyes and said “Dad, I’m Cold”

No mention of electricity or power in that story, but it hits the emotional triggers. People do NOT react to logic and almost always make decisions based on emotion.


Joe Barton Heart Burn Example:

Original Version: “There’s a natural cure for heartburn and GERD the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about.”

P.I.G Story Version: “GERD almost killed my Father and forced me to grow up without a dad!”

Result from changing from Original to P.I.G – 100% increase in conversion to COLD traffic


More P.I.G Stories and Shock Lines…

  • ¬†“Mommy, why are you so squishy?” – Weight loss offer.
  • ¬†“I felt humiliated and ashamed. Like I wanted to crawl under a rock and die rather than ever talk to a girl again.” – “Pick Up” Offer

– Drama and emotion outsell logic every time

– Make promises with Balls (don’t start from a weak position. You’re dealing with real people, so you damn well better get a reaction from them if you want them to buy from you)


How To Make A Ballsy Promise:


  • ¬†Most marketers make weak promises
  • ¬†Forget your product, forget the FTC, forget reality (for now) what is the promise you WOULD make if you had a magic wand and there were no rules and no limits?
  • ¬†After you’ve got that on paper, pull it back to something you can actually back up and fulfil and that won’t get you arrested or sent to marketing hell.
  • ¬†Good promises are SPECIFIC and DETAILED.
  • ¬†“You’ll slash your power bill by 70% and will run out like a happy puppy when the power company sends you a check.” – Versus – “You’ll save money on power.” (paint a picture in your prospects mind)
  • ¬†Go TOO FAR and THEN pull back to something you can stand behind.


Ballsy Promise Examples:


  • ¬†“Your ex-girlfriend will crawl over broken glass to get you back, forgive you for everything and pull off your pants like a tigress going after a porterhouse steak.”
  • ¬†“You’ll watch the pounds MELT off your body …will throw away your “fat clothes” forever and will be sliding back into your favorite jeans from college…just by doing a few simple exercises and eating DONUTS!!”


3) Use A “Magic Mechanism” to add an irresistible hook to your offer


“Mechanistic” Benefits – versus – “Naked” Benefits

  • ¬†Mechanism makes the promise seem simpler, easier and more “done for you.”
  • ¬†Creates a more specific picture in your prospects mind
  • REMEMBER: Your prospect has LOW SELF ESTEEM around the topic you’re selling them. They don’t believe they can do it themselves and want to rely on a “magic button” to do it for them. (I don’t want to learn to fish. I just want an endless supply of fish for free)
  • ¬†“Dummies” books are successful because of low self-esteem.


Magic Mechanism Examples:


  • ¬†“Get your wife into bed” – versus – “TEXT your wife into bed”
  • ¬†“Do sit ups” – versus – “VIBRATING AB MACHINE!!”
  • ¬†Adding “tools” and “done for you” to your products always increases conversions.


4) Confirm the prejudices, irrational beliefs and soul crushing fears your market already has around your big idea or niche:




  • ¬†“Enter the conversation already going on in their mind”
  • ¬†But always dive into the WAR already being waged in their HEART.
  • ¬†Humans love to be agreed with or made to feel like they’re right.



  • ¬†“You’ve already been lied to by every man you’ve ever met…every man you have ever loved. Every man you’ve ever trusted”
  • ¬†“Your wife is going to leave you because you’re not good in bed.
  • ¬†Obama is a socialist alien mutant who wants to steal your guns!!!!”




5) Transform Buying Your Shit Into A Noble Act:


  • ¬†Transform buying your stuff into “the right thing to do”
  • ¬†Buyers pride instead of buyers remorse




  • ¬†“Saving money on power” – versus – “Protecting my little girls against those idiots in government”
  • ¬†“Picking up chicks” becomes “rescuing women from douche bags. I want them to date me so they don’t end up with some douche bag who won’t respect her. I’m a hero”
  • ¬†“Get rich online so I can buy a Ferrari” becomes “Survive the upcoming financial apocalypse and be there to help your friends and family who can’t help themselves because they’re not as smart as you”


6) Use “Aftercare” Q and A to remove objections and boost your sales


  • ¬†During your pitch you SELL AS HARD AS YOU HAVE TO. If they’re still watching/reading they’re ready to be sold.
  • ¬†Aftercare – post pitch shift in tone. “We’re just friends talking.”
  • ¬†Saw a 20% increase in conversions when we implemented this.


7) Seven deadly sin bullets cut to the core of what your market wants


  • ¬†Gluttony (more than you need. Excess
  • ¬†Greed (flashy cars)
  • ¬†Sloth (Easy, simple, lazy, done for you)
  • ¬†Envy (“The look on your neighbors face…”)
  • ¬†Wrath (“Finally get back at the power company assholes”)
  • ¬†Pride (“Protect your family”)
  • ¬†Lust (“Women drawn to you like an electromagnet)


8) Cut through writers block with If/Then/Why



  • “If” you are 100k in debt or more and feel like the world is closing in on you and you’re going to go bankrupt, “then” this will be the most important message you ever read because in the next 30 minutes I’m going to teach you a simple method to have over 200k of debt completely forgiven by the government “if” you act by December 31st. (rough example)

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7 Responses

  1. roz says:

    This is so sad (talking about the written examples)
    P.I.G looks a lot like telling lies to me….. unless of course your daughter was blue. But I’m guessing that most people who use this won’t even have a child never mind a cold blue daughter.

    Everybody has to have a back story … and eventually everybody starts to see through them. At least thats what I always thought – I find the approach depressing.

    From where I stand you look at though you are selling to the herd mentality via the 7 sins – is there a way to sell to the 7 virtues ?

    I think this explains why I ignore “rubbish” like this I just don’t believe a word of it and I don’t like being played.

    Am I the only who objects to this?

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      You’re over thinking it Roz. Matt Fury is one of the top, top copywriters in the business. No one says you have to copy exactly what he says, you just have to get the point that people buy on emotion and justify it later with logic. I get what you’re saying completely, and I also agree with the position you take. But, it’s not about misleading at all. The purpose is to illicit an emotional response. If your product is quality then why piss about appealing to the benefits of the product when no one is going to buy it?

      It’s a fact that people respond better to this type of copy. Saying you think it’s rubbish is no different than sticking your head in the sand and wishing things where different. Selling a product that’s crap is where the problem lies, not in the persuasion you used to get them to buy it.


      Your logic is fine, but that’s not the point.

  2. Jaime says:

    @roz – I think you have to look at this like give a kid some medicine that you know is going to help them. It’s not what they want to take, but you know that if you can get them to take it, it will help them. So, you have to coax them into taking it and sometimes you even have to fib a bit and tell them it’s like candy.

    Like the videos say — People aren’t buying what they need, they’re buying what they WANT based on emotion. If you can convince them what you have is going to fulfill their emotional need, then you get them to take the medicine. Once they’ve taken it, then (as long as your product is actually good) you’re really getting them to take the medicine that they really need. If you pay close attention, you’ll hear the speaker (Matt Hadad, I believe) say that you truly give them a product that delivers on their need in a way that truly helps, but first you have to get them to click the Buy Now button. Without that, your efforts to help someone are lost.

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      That’s exactly it Jamie. There’s not much point appealing to peoples logic. After all, they expect you to say your product is the best, and that it can help them. Every product owner will tell you their product rocks! Doesn’t make much difference. It’s expected that you’re gonna say that. As Robert Cialdini said, if what you have, is going to help people, you must do whatever it takes to get them to buy it. Sometimes it’s not enough to just tell them they need it. Anyway, I couldn’t agree more with you.

      Thank you for stopping by with your thoughts mate.

      All the best.


  3. Nile Vincent says:

    Just out of this world quality info!!!…Now this is more
    my style!…Thanks!

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      They’re good videos aren’t they Nile?

      When I first stumbled on those videos I thought they were gold mate.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend.


  4. These are really good tips. I’ll incorporate these when I write my copy.

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