7 Obscure Ways To Increase Website Traffic

obscure traffic strategiesToday I wanted to share a few strategies to increase website traffic that are not the normal mundane methods we see shared on every other website. These are slightly obscure and have been very profitable for my business. I use all of them and expect you to seriously consider implementing them into your daily and weekly plans. They work… period!


Okay, let’s get to it…


increase website traffic



Create a small card (flyer) with your website address and details printed on both sides. Go to all the bookstores, newsagents, libraries and any other place where they distribute books. Place your card into books/magazines/newspapers related to your business. I made $2000 from this tactic last month and I’ll continue to use it for sure. It costs very little and your audience can be very targeted. Although this strategy can be used to increase website traffic, I much prefer to send this kind of traffic to a squeeze page.

Tip: Always carry a couple of these cards with you. Any store that you go into, make sure to leave a couple of cards. Never leave a store without leaving your card first.



increase website traffic



Although using classified ads is not a revolutionary traffic generating idea, I outsource this method to my little cousin. Simply pick 5 classified ad websites and pay your little brother/sister/cousin to post your pre-written ad onto each site (5 times) a day. Pay him/her $10 a week to do this and you’ll see that after a sustained period of time, your leads will begin to grow. It works.



increase website traffic



Simply send a prewritten message to 5 fan page owners each day asking them to post a link to your offer onto their page. This can be overlooked as being too simplistic and a method that doesn’t work, and you’d be very wrong to make this assumption. Page owners have absolutely no problem posting another marketers link. The key is to write a killer message. Once you get that right you’re home and dry.

Start off your message by telling them you think their page is very good (don’t overdo this part though). Continue by telling them that you have a great post/offer that you believe their audience would greatly benefit from. Tell them you dislike placing links on other people’s walls without getting permission from the owner of the page. Believe me, 9 out of 10 page owners will have no problem putting up your link (providing it’s worth putting up).

Tip: Always give the owner of the fan page a reason to “want” to post your link. Offer to post one of their links onto your fan page. You can build a lot of great relationships with this method and can have many page owners regularly posting your links on their pages. When the owner places your link on their page, it’s far more valuable than if you would have done so yourself. So, always ask “them” to post your link, do NOT post it yourself. This is actually one of my preferred ways to increase website traffic with very little effort.



obscure way increase website traffic



Most stores have free message boards where you can stick a flyer up for passing consumers to see. Don’t just stick to grocery stores though. Put your flyer up anywhere you see a message board. Your library grocery store, hardware store, hairdressers, school, etc. You don’t need a fancy flyer either, a simple piece of paper with an impacting headline and contact details can be enough.



increase website traffic



I’m sure you’ve heard this one many times before, but have you actually used it? Simply put, you gather a lot of different blog posts, formulate the content into one continuous piece, and put it into an eBook to distribute all over the web. This method actually works very well. Recently I compiled a list of all my blog posts related to “email marketing” and combined them to create an eBook that still brings leads into my business.

Tip: With this method I suggest you DO NOT just chunk blog posts together and distribute them throughout the web. You MUST sit down, go through the content and piece it together so it flows from one chapter to the next. It has to look and read like it was written from start to finish in one sitting.

Publish your new book on all the document sharing websites. Place it in the free section of forums and promote it for free on Facebook and Twitter. Just make sure to have links inside pointing back to your squeeze page.



how to increase website traffic



This is a simple little method you can use if you have no content, or if you’re looking for more content to share with your links placed inside. Simply find PLR articles, create slide shows in PowerPoint and distribute the content to the top slide share sites out there. OR – take whatever PLR articles you can find, convert them to PDF documents with your links inside and distribute them across all the document sharing websites.

The more links you have out there pointing back to your website, the better. Be careful to read the articles before placing your links inside. A lot of PLR content is abysmal and you may not want your brand associated with some of this content. But, on the most part, short little articles are fine and can also be of good quality.

Tip: Finding 10 or so related PLR articles, piecing them together, cleaning them up, placing banners inside, converting them to PDF documents and sharing them across the web can be another source of traffic.  Again, the more links pointing back to your website, the better chances you have of increasing website traffic overall.



increase website traffic



This is a strategy I see very few (if any) blog owners capitalizing on. You simply contact webmasters asking if they would like you to directly promote their blog for them in exchange for them doing the same for you. Between you both, you set up a schedule were you 1) write a review about the other persons blog 2) promote the article on twitter and facebook for a couple of days 3) Stumble the post 4) send article to your list.

Of course, you can set this up whatever way you see fit. It doesn’t have to be a review of another person’s blog either. You can promote whatever they want promoted. This is not only a great way to get more traffic to your blog, it’s also a great method for building relationships with marketers within the same niche. I like this method because people are much more likely to consider your service/product/blog to be of value when it’s being recommended by a third party.

So there you have it. 7 slightly obscure but very powerful traffic generating methods for you to add to your arsenal. I really hope you got something of value from this article today. Please share on your favorite social media sites if you did – I would be eternally grateful for that my friend.


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