100 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs And Marketers

100 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs And Marketers (part 1)

I’m hoping these short tips will spur you on to making wise decisions when it comes to growing your business.

This is part – 1 of a 5 part series:

Let’s begin…

1: Earning 10k a month is child’s play, doing it consistently is where most slip up.

2: 80% of your results will directly come from 20% of your efforts (almost every person I meet completely ignores this – don’t be one of them)

3: If you’re not pissing people off daily, you’re not a) successful enough and b) you’re not putting yourself out there enough

4: The quickest way to success is almost always the path that takes more upfront work

5: In life, and in business, the majority are always wrong

6: The people who don’t invest in their business, will demand more from you, expect more, and complain more… and… are the least educated when it comes to providing value to their market

7: Productivity is the most important skill to master – most people are busy

8: Unsubscribes are a good thing

9: Open and click through rates are not as important as the so called gooroos want you to believe

10: If you can’t write daily content, you don’t know enough about your market (educate yourself properly)

11: You will move forward much quicker if you spend as much time away from the computer, as you do on it

12: If twitter followers and fan page likes equated to money, we’d all be rich

13: If you’re not feeling uncomfortable, you’re stagnating

14: Develop a thick skin, you’ll need the further you progress. Most people are whiners who love nothing more than to complain and criticize (we see people not as they are, but as we are)

15: Every marketer is in it for the money, if they tell you differently, don’t believe anything else they tell you (smart marketers are selfish – and realize that their clients success, is their success too)

16: The more hype a product has, the less beneficial it will be to you

17: You must spend time each day developing your copywriting skills

18: Setting timers when working will do more for your productivity than anything else I know

19: Sometimes starting again, and unlearning what you already know… is the only option if you truly want to create a sustainable income

20: Free information is great, but will leave you with more questions than answers.

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Have a great day.

All the best



100 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs And Marketers (part 2)

I’m hoping these short tips will spur you on to making wise decisions when it comes to growing your business. This is part 2 of a 5 part series.

Let’s get to it…

21) Results are based solely on what you’re doing, not how much you’re doing. Chances are that you could ditch 80% of your to-do list and still come out with the same results.

22) The more emails you send, the more money you get. Every email not sent is a sale not made.

23) List building and email marketing are not the same thing. The latter is infinitely more important, but you must do both.

24) Any marketer who’s list your on, who sends you to free offers regularly, has absolutely no intention of helping you succeed.

25) Most people don’t have a traffic problem, they have a conversion problem. Pay closer attention to conversions.

26) People don’t buy the cheapest clothes, phones, cars or food. The money is out there for the right offer.

27) Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Mindset plays the biggest role in your success. Just being around smarter people automatically helps you tap into more potential.

28) Never accept another persons opinion as fact. Opinions are nothing more than an opportunity for you to test them in your own business.

29) If you’re not producing results, be honest enough with yourself to find out what you’re running from.

30) Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t like to do.

31) The quicker someone clicks on a link inside your email, the less qualified they are to buy.

32) Steven Covey was right: Begin with the end in mind. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. Get crystal clear about your intentions.

33) Never be impressed with what you can do. Be confident and proud, but never be impressed.

34) Your diet and physical health will have a big impact on how you communicate with yourself, and your market.

35) Your business is not your business. Your business is “resourcefulness,” your business is fulfilling needs, your business is about providing value.

36) The person who expects problems will be much more capable of overcoming them when they inevitably surface. Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. A business without problems is not a business.

37) You cannot make excuses, and make money.

38) Failure is not fatal. You do not, and should not have a plan B. Define your goal, clear out the distractions and go hell for leather to get it done no matter what. Don’t take action. Take MASSIVE action. In everything you do from here on in, be at least 10% more aggressive.

39) There’s always a price to pay. Not necessarily a monetary price you understand, no, the price you have to pay… is to give up your comforts.

40) New decisions can change your business in an instant. What one bold decision can you make that will have the biggest impact on your business. Sit down for 30 minutes in silence and contemplate this. When you pick something, make a commitment to follow through with it.

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Okay my friend. That’s another 20 tips out of the way. Part 3 will be

Enjoy the rest of your day.

All the best.

Okay let’s continue on with another 20 (out of 100) short tips that can,
and I hope will, give you some Aha moments.

Let’s begin…

41: Your goal should be to get people to your squeeze page in as few moves as possible (this is why paid advertising trumps free advertising every time)

42: If you’re business is ONLY centered around Facebook and SEO, you don’t own your business (You’re Facebook & Google’s bitch)

43: If you want to earn more cash: Email more often, raise your prices by 10% and be 10% more aggressive in everything you do

44: If you hate what you’re doing, step back, reassess your situation and start again with a different approach

45: The worst place to talk about your business is to people who hang out on social platforms all day

46: You are not your market. Just because you don’t like something, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it (example: emailing your list everyday is a good thing, even if you don’t like getting daily emails yourself)

47: If you’re not writing every single day, you will not be a good writer

48: Be very careful what you learn on forums and social media. Most people on these sites are failing. If you’re not careful you will pick up a lot of bad advice

49: Create your own products (it’s not that difficult)

50: At least 90% of the information I see being taught online is misleading (intentionally and unintentionally)

51: Never trust a marketer who promotes a different offer every other day

52: The last time I checked, email opens and clicks can’t be cashed at the bank

53: Learn to love criticism (if you’re not getting any, you haven’t got a business)

54: You’re not providing value if you don’t know what you’re talking about (people teaching people how to make money, even if they’re not making money themselves)

55: Most people will tell you the best way to do something, even if they haven’t tested alternatives (a person who hasn’t tried emailing their list every day, who tells you to not do it, is a fucking asshole and you should get away from them as soon as possible)

56: Making money online has already been proven. If you’re failing, that’s on you, not anyone, or anything else

57: Any task or strategy can be mastered if you work on it every day for 1 hour

58: “What’s in it for me?” are the only words your prospect cares about. They don’t care about you, your product, where you went on holiday last year, or what you ate for breakfast. Unless they get a direct benefit from what you share with them, they just don’t bloody care

59: If you believe in yourself, and your products, you should never feel uneasy about selling to people

60: You will fail more times than you succeed. Get over it

Everything stated above is accurate. Even the one’s you disagree with are true.

And while you’re here, if you are not getting what you think you deserve from being in this business, you may need to look at “tip 44″ again and grab this ‘NO-BRAINER” offer I have for you here…

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Have a good one my friend. I’ll be back to continue these 100 tips very shortly.



P.S… We hear all the time that anyone can succeed. It’s true. It may be a cliche, but it’s 100% true nonetheless. Never accept anything less in life than what you believe you deserve… and… believe it or not, you deserve the best… ALWAYS!


Part 4 of these 100 short tips continue…

61: What am I really selling? is prolly the most important question you can ever ask yourself before selling a product.

EX: You’re not selling grass seed.

You’re selling a greener lawn.

62: Creating, and then not completing a daily to-do list will cut away at your self belief like nothing you could ever imagine (it sends a signal to the brain that it’s okay to set goals and not follow through)

63: Every email you ever write should have a clickable link inside regardless whether you’re selling a product or not.


64: You’re struggling because somewhere along the lines you have listened to people who didn’t have the know how to teach you Jack.

65: You’ll lose friends on this journey. What you’re trying to accomplish for yourself right now flies in the face of mainstream brainwashing (be proud)

66: The laptop lifestyle is a myth. The bigger your business, the harder you’ll have to work. Donald Trump eats lunch at his desk.

67: Your biggest asset is your resourcefulness.

68: The most important lessons you’ll ever learn will not come from a book. Second hand knowledge is NOT visceral.

69: The length of time it took you to write an eBook does not equate to its quality.

70: A sub-par product out in the marketplace is better than a perfect product on your hard drive. Get it online first, and if it needs to be changed, do it while it’s making you money.

71: Be 10% more aggressive in everything you do.

72: You can be the dumbest fucker on this planet, but if you never… ever… ever… give up, you will inevitably be super successful in everything you do.

73: Success could not exist without failure. Learn to not only accept it, but also to expect it.

74: Most people jump from product to product, idea to idea… because they lack the necessary patience it takes to achieve a goal.

75: A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Physics is on your side. Even the smallest of daily actions on one specific task will compound into something greater given enough time. (read 74 again)

76: There’s more knowledge you need to drop, than there is to attain.

77: The killer of dreams is… “tomorrow”

78: The path you haven’t stepped on to cannot be understood by your conceptual mind – the path itself… is what changes you.

79: When you get rid of your fear of failure, your tensions about succeeding… you can be yourself. Relaxed. You’ll no longer be driving with your brakes on.

80: YOU, are the determining factor.

Have a productive day.



Hope you had a good weekend my friend.

Continuing, and finishing these 100 short tips, here is the last
part of the series.

Let’s begin…

81: Most people want success, they just don’t have what it takes
to sacrifice their comforts to get it.

82: If you’re not doing enough. If you know that you could be
doing more. If you’re busy but not being productive. It’s because
you haven’t got a strong enough reason “why” you’re doing all
this in the first place.

83: The difference between being busy online, and being
productive… is results!

84: Even at times when you are seeing little results from your
daily efforts, believe that this work will eventually reap the
benefits. You can’t keep at something with focus and a dogged
determination… and not see results. They’ll come…they WILL.

Note: Of course, you still have to be implementing a workable


85: Go out and clean toilets if you have to make up extra cash to
invest in your business. Be resourceful and make it happen. This
is the mindset you need to have.

86: We are much more likely to be driven by a need to get away
from something. I wanted to succeed because I swore I would NEVER
work for anyone else ever again.

That was enough to drive me forward. It may not seem like much, but
I simply got to the point where I detested everything our conformist
society stood for…I wanted to live my life on my own terms.
What about you?

87: Your value will substantially increase in proportion to the
value you give.

88: Find out what they want, go get it, and give it to them.

89: Make up your mind that nothing is gonna stop you. It’s all
within you… and it’s all UP TO YOU.

90: Never promote a product that you haven’t tested, or at least
done extensive research on. It’s far easier to sell something you
have knowledge about – and believe in.

91: Not all politicians are liars, just the majority of them. The
same goes for marketers. Not all marketers are liars, just the
majority of them.

92: We’re not in science labs. Your own testing is all that

93: Never, ever… EVER, listen to any advice a solo ad seller
gives you related to email marketing, list building and squeeze
pages… unless, of course, you’re in the “pimping out your own
worthless list” business.

94: I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating, “take a
freezing cold shower every morning for 30 days straight.”

95: You are defined by your rituals. CREATE THEM!

96: Being you is the one thing you can do better than anyone else
in this entire world. Think about this when marketing to other
people. Are you being your true self, or a prick looking to take

97: In my experience and observation, the average time frame for a
lot of people’s success in this industry, is 3 – 5 years. Put
that into your thoughts next time you want quick results.

98: Pick one topic every day to contemplate for 30 minutes in
silence… and… I guarantee you will get so many A-H-A moments
your head will fucking spin.

99: Promoting to broke people will leave you broke.

100: If the people around you have no belief in you. Tell them
politely to fuck off. It’s a cliche for sure, but I believe in you. Not
because I know you, of course, but because I personally know
a lot of dumb asses in this business  who have made it. You
certainly can too.

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consistent income online?

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All the best.

Stay focused.

Stay committed.

Stay true to yourself.


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