10 Minute Strategy for Getting Facebook “Likes” to Your Fanpage

People are constantly looking for new ways to get more likes to their fanpages. Most often the same strategies are being written about how to do this and nothing new ever gets shared. Here’s a neat little trick that will get you extra facebook likes.

I think I’m the only one who uses this strategy… I better be, I’m the one who thought of it first 

Instead of “liking” other fanpages within your niche, you “like” people’s comments instead. Go onto a fanpage where there is plenty of interaction and simply “like” every comment on a post. This works very well and can get you a consistent amount of traffic to your page for as little as 10 minutes work every day.

If a certain post has 100 comments for example, you would like every single comment. No need to look at the comments before you like them, this will only waste time. When you like someone’s comment, that little tab at the top of their page will highlight red. What happens when they see that tab highlighted red at the top of their facebook page? They click on it, don’t they? Don’t you do it too? Everyone does.

When they click on the tab, they’ll see your page, and most often will click through to your fanpage to see who the hell you are. If your content on your page is valuable, you will get the “like.”

Think about this for a second. It takes less than a second to “like” a comment. How many comments could you “like” in 10 minutes? How many could you get through in a week, month etc?

I used this on my personal development fanpage and consistently built my fan base. It works very well indeed. Some of you may think this is a little cheeky, but I have to disagree. All you are doing is letting people know you, and your page exists. You are not forcing them to click through to your page. Actually, if you believe your page is the best thing since sliced bread then you can justify your actions by believing you are doing them a favour. You get “likes,” they get quality information related to their interests… it’s a win win.

I haven’t used this little strategy for a while because I have moved away from facebook, but I know it works well. I have only tried this in the personal development niche so not sure how well it will work in other niches.

10 minutes = 500 liked comments
7 days (10 minutes) = 3,500 comments
1 month (10 minutes) = between 12 – 15,000 comments “liked”

How many do you think will be curious enough to click through to your page out of the above numbers? Remember, we are curious by nature 

If you liked this little trick, please share on your favorite social network. I will be sharing more facebook strategies like this very soon, so stay tuned.

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2 Responses

  1. Sharnee says:

    Hey Declan, this is absolutely brilliant! I hope you are getting a lot of traffic from this post as it is absolute gold!! A question for you, will Facebook have an issue if you make likes all day long (Like heaps & heaps of likes?) Many thanks again for sharing, Sharnee

    • Declan O Flaherty says:

      Hi Sharnee,

      I haven’t used this method in a long time since I’ve got rid of my fan pages. I’m not even sure if it works anymore, so please test it to find out. Facebook, as you know, changes very often, and what worked 6 months ago may not work now.

      Anyway, I used to “like” hundreds (sometimes 1000’s) of comments every day with no problems. However, if you “like” comments too fast, you may get a “warning” message telling you that your activity looks suspicious. But… you won’t get banned or anything, just a warning. I would then take a break and come back later.

      Hope that helps, Sharnee.

      Thank you for stopping by.

      All the best.


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